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Zemeckis returns to non-motion capture?

RobertZemeckis.jpgRobert Zemeckis has a new project lined up with Disney, and since we just heard that Disney closed down his motion-capture studio ImageMovers Digital, it looks like the film could be live-action.

The film will be Dark Life, a book yet to be published by Kat Falls which is described as a young adult novel set in a world which rising ocean levels, some people living on the ocean floor, and children developing supernatural powers.

The story of Dark Life (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) will follow a girl from the surface and a boy from the underwater world joining forces to try and stop a government conspiracy.

The Variety article already suggests that there could be sequels, since the novel creates the world which is rich enough to have many stories within it, and could well be exploited across its many marketing channels.

Despite the motion capture studio being shut down, they are still working on a number of films that include The Beatle's film, Yellow Submarine and Mars Needs Moms, as well as producing a number of other films. Surprisingly Dark Life will also be produced through ImageMovers, something I thought wouldn't be the case if the studio was being shut down by Disney.

So maybe it will be motion-capture after all? Personally I hope it isn't, Disney have seen the appetite for these films wane and even before current technology offering the 3D and animation it does, it was always unclear to me where motion-capture sat and what it really gave us. I've always said it felt like an in-between world of almost animation and almost acting, and I never understood why they couldn't do one or the other.

Now with the motion-capture that James Cameron has pioneered with Avatar (Filmstalker review), there's a real question as to whether this style still works, and remember in Avatar real people were shown as real people, whereas in Robert Zemeckis' world he motion-captures everything to them drop them down to CG and then try and recreate the real person.

Yes, I've never understood that. So while I'm unhappy at the loss of jobs, I am more than happy that the motion-capture ends. Lets see Zemeckis return to his real directing strengths and former glory.



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