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May 31, 2010

New Scott Pilgrim vs. the World trailer is jaw-dropping

Let's face it, although we had a feeling that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was going to be something special, there wasn't much to bag that up. The trailer we'd already seen hinted at some strangeness, but not too much. Now the new trailer has arrived and it's superb. Perhaps...

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The Last Airbender Japanese trailer online

Critics seem to be preparing for the worst from the M. Night Shyamalan film adaptation of The Last Airbender, probably because they are still sitting there expecting The Sixth Sense surprise, and while Shyamalan might be going in different directions and trying new things, they aren't. Granted, The Happening (Filmstalker...

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Trailer for Takashi Miike's Thirteen Assassins

Takashi Miike is indeed a controversial director, his films have provoked discussion and sometimes upset critics, but they've definitely not followed the standard fare, and he's always provoked reaction. So I'm keen to see what Thirteen Assassins will deliver. This trailer for the film is actually rather surprising, because I'm...

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Hobbit loses Guillermo del Toro

I don't know about you but this is perhaps the most surprising news I've heard in a long time. Guillero del Toro has left the production of The Hobbit films, and the problem seems to be wholly down to the studio. What the story also raises concerns over is if...

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Twilight Saga: Eclipse French trailer online

There's a new trailer online for Twilight Saga: Eclipse it's subtitled in French but remains spoken in English and contains some more footage than we've seen before. It also affirms my belief that the effects of the transformed werewolves have been heavily worked on since the last film, and the...

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Mr. Nice trailer online

I saw a trailer for Mr. Nice on the National “Movie” Awards, although it should actually be film, but never mind, that's not the point. The point is that there's a trailer online for Mr. Nice, the film about Howard Marks, the drug dealer who became one of the FBI's...

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May 30, 2010

Closing Credits: Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper, an iconic screen actor, has died aged seventy-four, leaving behind him a string of amazing screen performances, and a huge gap in the upper ring of classic screen actors, actors who can command the screen by just being there. You may instantly think of his most iconic role,...

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May 29, 2010

[REC] 2 theatrical trailer reveals too much

The new [REC] 2 (Filmstalker review) trailer that's been doing the rounds on the Interflab and so I was keen to watch it. Having watched the film, really enjoyed it and the unique way it turned the story around, although there were a couple of stock moments that just made...

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The Expendables new footage online

There's a short television advert for The Expendables online, and like I've said before, television adverts usually don't pull me into the films, but here we see all the characters, some new footage, and a great musical choice, and The Expendables just looks better and better. Could this be Sylvester...

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Footloose back in step?

I thought that the Footloose remake was down the tubes, for the second time, but actually it might be live again and with a new director and rumoured new leading actor. When we last heard both Zac Efron and Kenny Ortega had left the production and there wasn't any news...

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Pirates produce Besson's new film

Luc Besson has a new project and a plea out to cinema fans everywhere, he wants you to become a producer and get involved in every stage of the production from script to screen, and more than that, you'll get a cut of the profits too. It sounds a bizarre...

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Another Natascha Kampusch biographical film?

If you don't remember Natascha Kampusch, she was abducted on her way to school when she was just ten then held for eight years by a forty-four year old man in his home, mainly locked in his cellar. She finally escaped and the man who kidnapped her threw himself in...

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May 28, 2010

Kane and Lynch gains new director?

Kane and Lynch has already signed up Bruce Willis to take the lead of one of the mercenaries who has just escaped from prison, and word was that Jamie Foxx was set to become the other lead. At the same time we heard that Simon Crane was set to direct...

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Skins the film?

It's hard to understand what an American version of the Skins television show would bring, much less a feature film version, and yet both are happening. While the television series is being uprooted to Baltimore, Maryland (the setting for The Wire), the feature film looks set to stay very British...

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Shanghai trailer online

John Cusack, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chow Yun-Fat, Gong Li, Ken Watanabe, Franka Potente, David Morse, what a line-up of talent, and they are all there in Shanghai, a film directed by Mikael Håfström and written by Hossein Amini. The trailer has me gripped. It's set-up as a cracking thriller from...

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Extended Knight and Day trailer online

Shame this isn't in English, and I'm surprised it isn't for on the ill-named British National “Movie” Awards this extended trailer was shown sans subtitles and looked really good, in fact it hand me all pumped up for the film, and that closing scene was pretty funny. It also points...

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Italian trailer for Dante's The Hole

Joe Dante's The Hole is a film I'm actually looking forward too, and I know that sounds odd coming from me as I'm not a fan of 3D, and there are plenty of cheap 3D shots early on in the film trailer – see the nails falling towards the screen,...

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Terminator franchise on sale again

It seems crazy to me, but if a bankrupt company is forced to sell assets through the courts and it has a number of buyers it would undoubtedly sell to the highest bidder to recoup the losses. Well that never happened as we heard some time back. What's more it...

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X-Men: First Class casts big lead

X-Men: First Class is starting to move forward, while we keep hearing comments from Jane Goldman's husband (yes the dynamic is changing in that family) about her script writing, a new face has arrived in the cast for the Matthew Vaughn directed film, in fact the first face has arrived....

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May 27, 2010

Paranormal Activity star talks sequel

I do find this rather amusing, the star of Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review), which was more faux documentary than horror or even scare film, is heading for a sequel and the star of the first, Katie Featherston has been asked about whether she would want to return for a sequel....

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I Saw the Devil trailer online

I Saw the Devil has everything going for it, a superb trailer featuring two great Korean actors whom you should instantly recognise, a director who is still celebrating the success of the epic Korean western The Good, the Bad, and the Weird (Filmstalker review), and now a trailer that looks...

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Jonah Hex new trailer online

There's a new Jonah Hex trailer online today, and it's doing a great job of dispelling the Wild Wild West feeling I was getting from the previous. This is darker, harder, and although there's still the technology and gadgets way ahead of its time, it still looks rather good. I...

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Logan's Run remake moves forward

...and my Dad becomes a little more unhappy. He loves Logan's Run, and despite how aged it looks, it's still a great story and a great science fiction film with some wonderful ideas. Now the word is that the man who would have been directing the Alien prequel had Ridley...

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May 26, 2010

Soapdish being remade

It's not rare that a remake story comes out of Hollywood, but what is rare is when a story comes out of Hollywood about a remake that might be worthwhile, and Soapdish is such a film. Soapdish was a 1991 comedy from director Michael Hoffman, think Restoration, One Fine Day,...

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Martyrs Hollywood remake gains script

I saw the film Martyrs (Filmstalker review) some time ago, and while some scenes were shocking, I didn't find it the terrifying and nigh on unwatchable film that many had sold it as, that said it was very good and I was creeped out by it and its excellent concept....

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The Last Exorcism trailer online

The Last Exorcism is what it says on the tin, the story of a priest who has performed multiple exorcisms in the past and is heading for what is fated to be his last one ever. The reason is unclear, as is the outcome, but it looks like he's set...

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New International trailer for Inception online

There's a new trailer online for Inception, captured from a Japanese show where Ken Watanabe was appearing to talk about the film. It carries most of the footage from other trailers and looks very similar, although up front there are some new shots we haven't seen, especially some more of...

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Morning Glory trailer online

The trailer of Morning Glory has arrived, Rachel McAdams trying to get Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton to work together on the worst rated show of all time. Yes, it looks formulaic, the trailer gives away too much including the turning point for the characters played by McAdams and Ford,...

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The Killer Inside Me trailer online in high definition

I've read the book The Killer Inside Me by Jim Thompson, and then yesterday I saw the screening for the film and was surprised at how well it was adapted, and how good it looked. Not just that but how uncomfortable and horrifying the film was at times. The trailer...

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May 25, 2010

Pacino and DeNiro as Sinatra and Martin?

Sometimes casting gets blinded not by who is right for the role, but by the size of the star names, and here's such a case. Apparently Martin Scorsese has been speaking out about his Frank Sinatra film and revealed two names he would like to play Frank Sinatra and Dean...

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Mass Effect gains film deal

Mass Effect is the latest video game to be adapted for film, although I do wonder if this will be one that we'll see come to fruition. With the possibility of epic space stories and big CG sequences, I get a similar taste in my mouth to Halo and Gears...

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May 24, 2010

Jackie Brown prequel without Tarantino

Of all the Quentin Tarantino films and all the sequels and prequels he talks about, I thought Jackie Brown was the least likely of his films to make it to a something-quel, but it looks like it could be. However we should remember that this is the only film where...

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Hitman 2 gains director

Hitman is getting a sequel, and quite rightly so. While the original isn't art, it is an enjoyable film that does a damn good job of taking a videogame to the big screen, like Tomb Raider or Silent Hill. So it's great that there's a second film, but the role...

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Passengers script reviewed

Gabriele Muccino's film Passengers starring Keanu Reeves is due out next year, and I was luck enough to get my hands on what seemed to be a copy of the script from Jon Spaihts. As with these things it's probably quite an early draft, something that is backed up when...

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May 22, 2010

Two new Predators trailers online

There are two new Predators trailers online, both showing off Nimród Antal's Predators, let's not forget he's the director, Robert Rodriguez is a producer on the film and gave the original concept for the sequel, but it's Antal that's delivering the final film, and with films like Kontroll, Vacancy and...

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Cassel in Ireland in Our Day Will Come trailer

Vincent Cassel is one of my favourite French actors, he's one of my favourite European actors, in fact he's one of my favourite actors full stop. A little while ago he was set to star in a film called Redheads, well they've changed the name, but frankly who cares? It...

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May 21, 2010

Love Ranch trailer online

The trailer for Love Ranch has arrived online, the film from Taylor Hackford and Mark Jacobson that tells the, probably partly true, story of a married couple who opened the first legal brothel in Nevada. The film stars Helen Mirren, Joe Pesci, Gina Gershon, Ling Bai and from what you...

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Rio animated comedy trailer online

I had no idea what Rio was about until I saw this trailer, I didn't even realise that the makers of Ice Age were making an animated comedy about a rare macaw who appears to have been released, or escaped, from captivity into the wilds of the Brazilian rainforests and...

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Scream 4 casts Heroes and Tweens

The casting for the new Scream film, Scream 4, could be moving forward with some rumours appearing about who is currently in talks for the roles. Now remember we're talking about who is in talks, and that does so often fall apart at the last minute, or we find out...

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Rise of the Apes gains cast

The casting has begun on Rise of the Apes, the modern prequel and complete rewrite of the beginning of the apes taking over the world that lead to the franchise of Planet of the Apes. There's only one name involved so far, but it's a strong casting and a central...

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May 20, 2010

A Star is Born in Gerard Butler?

Rumour has it that Gerard Butler is the next name being considered to be the male lead of the remake of A Star is Born, and at first glance it would seem a damn good choice. In the original stories the male character is an aging star, fading from Hollywood...

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McDormand, Penn and De Niro hunting Nazi's

Frances McDormand is to join Sean Penn in a film that sounds as interesting as the casting decision, for both Penn and McDormand are cracking character actors, then throw into the mix that Robert De Niro is in talks to join the film and we could be looking at a...

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Depardieu as Rasputin the mad monk

Gérard Depardieu is set to play the legendary Russian mad monk, Rasputin, in a film called Raspoutine, which will tell the final years of the life of the alleged mystic. For those of you who don't know the story, it was believed he had incredibly strong powers and held some...

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Megamind trailer online

Finally we get to see a full Megamind trailer, which unfortunately doesn't tell us the story other than the opening set-up, or perhaps that's a good thing? Watching the trailer and reading the blurb seem to suggest rather different stories, and the appearance of Brad Pitt as Metro Man doesn't...

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Greengrass leaves Fantastic Voyage for Treasure Island

There's part of me that thinks that a remake of Treasure Island is more suited to Paul Greengrass than a remake of Fantastic Voyage, for that is where all the action is, and action is what Greengrass has become known for. Yet there's a lot more to him than just...

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Megan Fox moves on. So what?

So what? Megan Fox is no longer in Transformers 3? Some sites saying she was kicked out because of the Michael Bay comments some time back, some saying it's because the logical move in the story is to give the male lead a new girlfriend which I'll dispute in just...

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Abrams' diamond heist film gains writer

Now here's an interesting choice, for a diamond heist film let's choose the writer and director of Field of Dreams. Okay, that's what most people are talking about, but looking at his career there's Sneakers as writer and director and The Sum of All Fears as director, and right now...

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May 19, 2010

Seyfried reveals Red Riding Hood's wolf?

Amanda Seyfried has been talking about the film she's starring in for Catherine Hardwicke, Red Riding Hood and revealed a lot more about the plot and some of the co-stars, except for one. She tried to keep quiet about who would be playing the character of the big bad wolf,...

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Dawn of the Dead gets another remake?

There have been stories about another Dawn of the Dead remake and a 3D version for some time, in fact back in 2008 they were talking about a 3D re-release and a sequel, and today the story has resurfaced and from a different producer. Re-releasing the original George A. Romero...

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PlayStation 's Heavy Rain gets adapted for film

Word is that the stunning PlayStation 3 game Heavy Rain (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is being adapted for film, well if the deal goes through that is. If you don't know anything about the game I suggest you go out and get a copy immediately, for it's a superb game. It's...

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Reeves Passengers reveals more

Passengers, starring Keanu Reeves, has revealed a few more details over at Cannes, as well as some more details of cast members. I don't get that excited by Reeves appearances, although The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (Filmstalker review) really did show that he was an actor, something that so...

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Paradis joins Vallées Café de flore

Vanessa Paradis is set to join Jean-Marc Vallée's film Café de flore which tells an interesting story, or at least the blurb has caught my attention. Vallée has previously directed The Young Victoria and before that wrote and directed C.R.A.Z.Y., which he received a lot of praise for....

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Seeing Red gains Joan Chen as writer/director

While I'm moving away from the constant stream of casting news, I do like writing about the casting notices that highlight interesting films, and interesting casting – I think I've overused the word interesting today, it's in every post! So my eyes were drawn to Joan Chen being chosen as...

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Savage teaser trailer looks intense

I haven't heard of the writer/director of Savage before, but looking at the teaser trailer for his film I was taken right in. There is a hint that it's a lower budget production, but the stylising and editing does a great job on it. I really am intrigued by it...

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May 18, 2010

Auteur cinema comes to PlayStation

The PlayStation 3 is about to have something rather special added to it, to elevate it above and beyond a Home Cinema system, MUBI. What's MUBI? Well I'll go into it in more detail in a moment, but it's a service that delivers some quality films direct to your PlayStation,...

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Barrymore directing Wizard of Oz film

Drew Barrymore is set to direct a film about the Wizard of Oz, joining a number of other Wizard of Oz films which are doing various time-frames around the original story - remakes, prequels and sequels. Drew Barrymore's film, which is called Surrender Dorothy, is a sequel, set far in...

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The Two Escobars trailer gives little away

When I watched the trailer, or rather teaser trailer for The Two Escobars I hadn't read the blurb and thought it was some way to humanise the Columbian drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar through the recollections of his right hand man, and perhaps show some connection with the people and...

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Charlie St. Cloud trailer online

I can't figure this film, although the trailer has the feel of an overly heart string tugging movie designed to get you crying, there's something a little darker, something a little more real to it, and with Zac Efron growing up a little performance by performance it does seem to...

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Danny Trejo's terrible Vengeance trailer

I started watching this because Danny Trejo was in it and thought we might be in for something interesting, but half way through I had a wry smile on my face and couldn't watch any more. Then, after I closed it down, I just thought it's so bad perhaps it's...

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May 17, 2010

The Tournament gets UK release

The Tournament was a great sounding film from the outset, with Robert Carlyle, Ving Rhames, Kelly Hu, Liam Cunningham and Ian Somerhalder, it told the story of a tournament held every seven years where the deadliest assassins from around the world converge and the last an standing gains $10,000,000 cash...

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Winnie Mandela holding up biographical film

Winnie Mandela has asked her lawyers to contact the studio making the biographical film about her to try and gain script approval over the story because, according to reports, she's none too happy about the way the film will portray her. However, Daniel Roodt, the writer and director of the...

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Update: Romero remaking Argento's Deep Red

Now this is a big coup for fans of horror, and for people like me who think that George A. Romero has lost his magic for the genre since he keeps repeating similar zombie films again and again. Romero is going to be directing a remake of Dario Argento's cult...

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Battle Royale in 3D?

According to news today there's going to be a 3D version of Battle Royale made. Now I don't mean a brand new version of the film, I mean that the existing Battle Royale by Kinji Fukasaku is going to be converted into 3D and re-released. To add a little family...

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Race for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea gains big names

Last time we heard it was just Disney who were remaking all their old films to bring back a new audience, and they had turned to their first live action film, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Back then it was McG who was set to take up the director's chair,...

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Scorsese talks George Harrison biographical film

I do find it strange that Martin Scorsese would be interested in tackling a project about George Harrison, after all out of all the Beatles he's not the obvious choice for a film about his life, is he? Speaking about the film Harrison reveals a little of why he's making...

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May 16, 2010

Another Marilyn Monroe film

We just heard the other day about a Marilyn Monroe film starring Naomi Watts as the iconic lady, and the day after I read that there was another Monroe film in development, one starring someone that probably looks a lot more like Monroe than Watts does, well as she does...

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Jacques-Yves Cousteau 3D biographical film

While I'm clearly against the largely gimmicky use of 3D in film, there are some instances where it really works well, and this latest film could be one, a biographical look at the great man Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Cousteau was the pioneering French oceanographer and filmmaker as well as a French...

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Billionaire Boys Club

Billionaire Boys Club is based on the true story of a group of wealthy young men in L.A. during the eighties who ran an investment club with other people's money and funded their own expensive lifestyles. However when the club lost the money and the funds began to run out,...

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Assault on Tony's from Leaving Las Vegas writer

Lili Fini Zanuck is set to direct the adaptation of John O'Brien's 1996 novel entitled Assault on Tony's (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). It tells the story of a group of five people who are caught in a bar for seventeen days during mass race riots outside. O'Brien previously wrote the superb...

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Stalked: Nazi Officer's Wife, Jack and Special Forces

Three stories which caught my eye this week, all new films and all very interesting stories in themselves with some cracking cast members behind them all. Well worth a look through, and film's I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye on....

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Pacino to play King Lear

Al Pacino isn't a stranger to Shakespeare as we've seen in The Merchant of Venice adaptation written and directed by Michael Radford, and so it might not be a surprise to know that he's set to repeat his performance in another Shakespearean adaptation. His next appearance will be as King...

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May 15, 2010

Johnson's Looper gains another great cast member

I love Rian Johnson's Brick (Filmstalker review), it's a great film with tons of style that really does stand out from the group, and so that's why I'm really keen to see what he comes up with in his ambitious sounding plot of Looper, the science fiction time travel film....

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Margin Call to tell story of investment bank collapse

Here's an interesting story, although there's not really that much of it, no one's really tried to tell the story of some of the financial institutions that fell to the recent world financial problems, but looking at the blurb for Margin Call, perhaps this might be the beginning? Margin Call...

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Men in Black 3 to feature time travelling story-line

There was a story a little while ago about Josh Brolin possibly taking over from Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black 3, but then we heard that Will Smith was in and Tommy Lee Jones was in negotiations, and everyone kind of forgot all about Josh Brolin. However in...

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May 14, 2010

A Serious Man

Digital Two Stars
I must admit that I wasn’t that taken by the idea of A Serious Man when the blurb for the film first came out, and considering that I sometimes feel that the Coen Brothers deliver too much Coen and not enough substance I didn’t feel the excitement rising for this...

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The House of the Devil

DVD Three Stars
With The House of the Devil there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s made by someone who was a fan of the old eighties horrors, and it shows. Ti West has created a homage to the genre that stands alone, and stands well against current horror. I think what is most...

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Die Brücke (The Bridge)

DVD Two Stars
When I saw the cover for the DVD of The Bridge, or Die Brücke, and read the blurb I was a little concerned that the film might turn out to portray the American and British invading forces as the bad guys and the Nazi's in a positive way, almost heroic,...

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UK Cabinet: The Film - Who would you cast?

The UK elections have happened, we've had days of politics and no new government, but just the other day we saw the Conservatives and Liberals form a coalition and take power. The first thing they needed to do was to elect their cabinet. What's a cabinet? Well it's the list...

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Rambo V without Stallone?

It certainly looks like it, and from Sylvester Stallone's own mouth no less. For we heard that Stallone had nixed the idea of another Rambo, even though the stories had been coming out that there was going to be another. Well at Cannes this week a number of people have...

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Allan Quatermain returns to the big screen

I'm one of the few people who doesn't see anything bad with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and actually enjoys it when it comes on, and I love Sean Connery as Allan Quatermain, a great choice. So the news today that the next outing of the character on the big...

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Los ojos de Julia (Julia's Eyes) spooky trailer online

I don't usually get hung up on "from the producers of...", however when Guillermo del Toro is involved you know that there's a lot more than the money and facilities going on there, and that it tends to be an endorsement of a really good film. Los ojos de Julia,...

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New Iron Sky teaser arrives online

A new Iron Sky teaser is online and it has a lot more footage, a lot more styling, and surprisingly shows it all from the space Nazi point of view. I love it, until the final upbeat music kicks in which just takes it a little too far away from...

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Nakata's Chatroom trailer online

There's a trailer online for Hideo Nakata's latest film, Chatroom, it's a rather strange trailer that mixes the real and online worlds together and keeps the online worlds as real as though you were there. It does take a few moments to get used to, but when you do you...

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May 13, 2010

Autoreiji (Outrage) trailer and plot online

A new trailer for Autoreiji (Outrage), the latest film from Takeshi Kitano has arrived, and along with it a plot and a half. The trailer looks superb even though I can't understand a word of it, there's lots of slapping, punching and anger. Indeed most of the characters look outraged....

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Update: Stalked: Watts as Marilyn Monroe, Blige as Nina Simone

Naomi Watts is set to play Marilyn Monroe in a biographical story of her life and at the same time Mary J. Blige is set to star as Nina Simone in a biographical film about her life. It's interesting looking at these two films and how the talent lines up...

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Dracula 3D by Dario Argento

That statement sounds very strange, Dracula 3D by Dario Argento, but that's exactly what Dario Argento is set to do, to bring Dracula to the big screen in 3D. There's little to go on for the moment, but the news on the film adaptation is telling us that this will...

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The Adjustment Bureau trailer online

While a lot of commentary I've seen wants to focus on the romantic story line that we see at the core of this trailer, I'm happy to acknowledge that it's the driving force for the characters, but the trailer is giving us much more than that. I'm drawn to and...

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The Awakening: British horror, no comedy

I'm so glad that there's a horror film set to come out of British cinema that isn't a comedy. It's been a while since Britain has managed to deliver a strong horror when at one time we were undoubtedly the leaders, and so I'm hopeful that this could mark a...

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Woman in Black remake in 3D

I really do promise that I'm going to stop raving about when a film is announced as being in 3D. Although that might mark a moment of quiet acceptance for someone who generally sees little benefit and many negatives in it, I will continue to berate the use when it...

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May 12, 2010

Les Liens du sang remade by Canet and Gray

Les Liens du sang, which is also known as Rivals, is said to have "loosely inspired" a new film that Guillaume Canet, the director of Tell No one, and James Gray, the director of Two Lovers and We Own the Night, will direct together. The film sees Canet making his...

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Romero reveals two more zombie films

It seems that George A. Romero has two more zombie films left in him, if we're up for it that is. To spurge us forwards to the cinema he's revealed that there are two more stories in his head and he'll make them if his latest, Survival of the Dead,...

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Universal Soldier IV 3D gains Damme and Lundgren

The production company Foresight Unlimited has just announced that Universal Soldier IV is happening, after Universal Soldier: Regeneration presumably did so well. More than that it also reveals that both Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme are going to be leading the film and fighting head to head once again....

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Open House horror surprising cast

I'm surprised at the cast of this horror film Open House, especially considering the look of it and that it's going to DVD, not to a cinematic release, it doesn't suggest the interesting mixed cast that you see in the trailer. Who am I talking about? Tricia Helfer, Brian Geraghty,...

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New Robin Hood trailer online

There's a new Robin Hood trailer online, just in time for this week's release, and it's got fast cuts, action, and rock music. Yes, this is not the Robin Hood we've known before, this is Ridley Scott's Robin Hood. It's a short trailer, but puts in there everything you need...

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Super 8 teaser trailer in HD secrets revealed

The teaser trailer has arrived online for Super 8 in high definition, and that allows us all to run through it almost frame by frame, and when you do there's a nice surprise for everyone to see. To save you having to do it for yourself, I just have and...

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May 11, 2010

Fright Night remake gains cast

So the remake of Fright Night has gained a cast and it's clearly stating that the approach for this remake is going to be higher budget than the original, but does that mean it's going to be higher brow too? The original Fright Night was a hugely enjoyable film that...

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Natali talks Neuromancer

The other day we heard the rumour that Vincenzo Natali, the writer/director of Splice (Filmstalker review), was set to tackle the much anticipated adaptation of William Gibson's hugely influential novel Neuromancer (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). Now he's had the chance to come out and talk about his plans, and they are...

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Judge Dredd steps up, in 3D

I had thought that the idea of another Judge Dredd film was dead, but not so. We had heard that there was another version being planned, but events went silent, until now. It seems that the idea of a new Judge Dredd film is far from dead, and is in...

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Jane Goldman To Write X-Men: First Class

I don't think it's a surprise to say that Jane Goldman is set to join Matthew Vaughn in writing X-Men: First Class, but confirmation has come, in a way, that the writing partner of Vaughn has begun writing the new X-Men film. When we heard that Matthew Vaughn had signed...

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Anderson's The Three Musketeers cast

I'm somewhat surprised that Paul W.S. Anderson's The Three Musketeers is even going aheard, not just that it's being in 3D no less, but that the film is going to carry a pretty interesting cast list. Actually there's another thing that surprises me about this film, that it's going to...

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Vivaldi film claims affair inspired Four Seasons

Thinking of a film about the composer Vivaldi I have to say the casting that I first thought of does not include either Jessica Biel or Luke Evans, and yet both are announced as joining the cast of a film called Vivaldi. Of course the word is that the film...

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May 10, 2010

Closing Credits: Lynn Redgrave

Lynn Redgrave died on the 2nd of May 2010. She was part of the family of actors of both stage and screen which has seen a number of similar Closing Credits recently with Natasha Richardson and Corin Redgrave. Lynn Redgrave was perhaps most noted for her appearances on stage than...

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Closing Credits: Robert Culp

Robert Culp died on 24th of March of this year, and although I've sat with his obituary on my writing to do list, it's no reflection on the actor that he was and what an effect he had on many television watchers in the early eighties, for he was Bill...

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Closing Credits: Christopher Cazenove

Christopher Cazenove, the actor most known for his role in the long running Dynasty, died on the 7th of April. Despite having more of a television career than a film one, he had a number of memorable roles earlier on in his career, starring against many other strong leading men....

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May 9, 2010

Four Lions

Film Four Stars
I was a fan of Chris Morris from his television days, although I did think that sometimes he went a little too far, I loved his biting sarcasm and willingness to ridicule and laugh at things many held sacred or thought taboo to even raise a smile to. When talking...

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Update: Super 8 site exposed

We heard about the Super 8 viral site for J.J. Abrams new film soon after the teaser trailer was revealed online, which you can see here on Filmstalker, however there didn’t seem to be much to the site, or was there? Clearly I asked the question which means that there...

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May 8, 2010

Smith signs for Men in Black III and Bad Boys 3?

Will Smith is a hell of an actor, I've said it since I saw him in Six Degrees of Separation, and it's something that he's brought to the fore of his later career for some time. I like that, he's a good dramatic actor, and not only is he incredibly...

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Splice director for Neuromancer?

I haven't read William Gibson's Neuromancer (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), despite it being a well read and respected book, but I do know that fans of the novel are passionate about it and would want a top class adaptation for the big screen, that's why I don't find it surprising that...

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New Inception trailer showcases effects

A new trailer for Christopher Nolan's Inception has been taking everyone's attention, and quite rightly so, for it is the best one yet and packs a series of powerful punches. What's more is that this trailer really does show off the effects and the amazing scenes that we were being...

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May 7, 2010

Horror film made from viral marketing campaign?

Bryan Bertino, the director of The Strangers, is writing and will direct a film for Ghost House called This Man which is touted as being based on actual events, but is debunked online to be an internet hoax perpetrated by a viral marketer from Italy. Yet the premise of the...

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Oasis front man behind Beatles film?

Here's an interesting bit of information, the ex-lead singer of the ex-band Oasis has bought the rights to a biography of a man who worked inside Apple Records during the high times of The Beatles and tells the story, not just of the record label, but also of some of...

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New Riddick film plot surprises

So the new plot for the upcoming Riddick film has been revealed, and there's an interesting closing sentence that has me curious. We had been told that they were toning back from the second film which had gone far too epic, and returning to the Pitch Black feel. Well the...

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Stalked: Three intriguing film plots: The Invisible X, The Kill List and The Genesis Code

There are four new films in development that all caught my eye, while none had enough to write about individually, they all have something worthwhile that I want to say about them, and they have a range of names and talent involved so you should watch out for them. Star...

Read the full story "Stalked: Three intriguing film plots: The Invisible X, The Kill List and The Genesis Code" »

Planet of the Apes prequel turns to CGI

I'm still not convinced about a Planet of the Apes prequel, especially one which rewrites the entire Planet of the Apes story-line we've seen to date, apart from the Tim Burton adaptation of the original novel of course, and now I'm even more wary, for instead of the previous actors...

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Coriolanus set pictures reveal harsh film

Ralph Fiennes' adaptation of the William Shakespeare play Coriolanus starring himself and Gerard Butler, has had some photos released online along with a little insight into the production and just how hard hitting the film might end up being. In one reveal about the behind the scenes production we discover...

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Update: Abrams' Super 8 trailer online

Not only is the Super 8 trailer online, but the outline and a little behind the film is too, giving us more of an insight into what it's going to be about, and it is the now not so secret project that Steven Spielberg is producing and J.J. Abrams is...

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May 6, 2010

The Killer Inside Me trailer online

The trailer for The Killer Inside Me looks far better than the book if you ask me. Having read the novel I found I liked it, but felt it was severely lacking in the tension and thriller side of the story as it revealed events far too early and never...

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Abrams' Super 8 is not Cloverfield prequel

I don't like slapping all those "toldja" words across articles, not least because they aren't in any coherent language, but I was saying from the start that I didn't believe Super 8 was a prequel to Cloverfield (Filmstalker review), and that the connections with it were tenuous at the least....

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Scott and Rourke to tell Hells Angels story

Tony Scott is signing up Mickey Rourke to two films, one being Hell's Angels, the story of Sonny Barger, the man who formed an Oakland chapter of the biker gang and helped transform the group into a national organisation. Back in May of 2006 we heard that Stephen Gaghan was...

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May 5, 2010

Stoltz's Formula 1, Le Mans and Nazi film

That's a title and a half, and not something I thought I'd ever be writing up, but it's a fair description of the film. Eric Stoltz is set to direct a film about three motor racing Champions who worked with the French resistance during the World War II Nazi occupation...

Read the full story "Stoltz's Formula 1, Le Mans and Nazi film" »

Inception plot online

The plot of Inception has been released online, and really it shouldn't be this big a deal, after all we've already seen the trailer so we should already have a clear idea of what the film is going to be about. The plot does give us more details of the...

Read the full story "Inception plot online" »

The Power of the Dark Crystal gains directors

Two directors have boarded the sequel to The Dark Crystal, the 1982 film from Jim Henson and Frank Oz, with uncredited direction from Gary Kurtz – three directors? - Power of the Dark Crystal. The new film would perhaps have made Henson cringe, and there's no word yet of what...

Read the full story "The Power of the Dark Crystal gains directors" »

Update: Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Looper

Rian Johnson captured my interest with Brick (Filmstalker review), a superb film that showed what a great writer and director he is, but it was ages after that he began talking about his science fiction project called Looper. However it wasn't until the other day that we heard who was...

Read the full story "Update: Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Looper" »

Machete trailer online with Segal, DeNiro and Don Johnson!

Robert DeNiro, Steven Segal, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and Don Johnson? Yes your eyes aren't deceiving you, this is the trailer for Machete, and not a fake one either, this is a real trailer for the real film. Of course there's Danny Trejo in the lead, Jeff Fahey, Rose McGowan,...

Read the full story "Machete trailer online with Segal, DeNiro and Don Johnson!" »

I Spit On Your Grave remake trailer online

The trailer for the modern remake of I Spit On Your Grave is online, and I'm thoroughly disappointed. Oh yes, it looks dirty, everything is covered in a dirt it seems, and there's promise of torture and murder, but the line “it's date night” sounds a little too twee for...

Read the full story "I Spit On Your Grave remake trailer online" »

Abrams' Super 8 trailer revealed?

I'm still waiting for the actual trailer to appear online, but we have the next best thing, a reveal of what the trailer will show, allegedly. I'm not entirely sold on the idea as yet because it could so easily be one of those misdirections that we've seen before, and...

Read the full story "Abrams' Super 8 trailer revealed?" »

Die Hard V gains writer

There's going to be another Die Hard film and Bruce Willis may well return for one more outing as John McClane, something he said after Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review) that he was thinking about doing. Right now there's a writer in negotiations to pick up the keyboard on the...

Read the full story "Die Hard V gains writer" »

Vaughn directing X-Men: First Class

After hearing that Matthew Vaughn was in discussions, then out, then back in, it's been announced that Vaughn has indeed signed the deal for the next X-Men film, X-Men: First Class, and Bryan Singer has confirmed that he's going to be directing the film. What's more is that he reveals...

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May 4, 2010

Lohan is pornstar Linda Lovelace

Lindsay Lohan has finally agreed to play Linda Lovelace, the woman at the centre of the controversial adult film, Deep Throat, a woman once rumoured to be played by Anna Faris which, in my mind, would have been a great career move. With Lohan it's sink or swim, and it...

Read the full story "Lohan is pornstar Linda Lovelace" »

Abrams to reveal teaser for new secret film?

Remember how Cloverfield (Filmstalker review) hit the world by a strange teaser created well before the film and played out before Transformers to much surprise? Well it looks like the writer/director is at it again with news of another secret teaser trailer to arrive on midnight screenings of Iron Man...

Read the full story "Abrams to reveal teaser for new secret film?" »

[REC] series prequel and sequel

We had heard that there were going to be more than just the one sequel to [REC], and [REC]2 (Filmstalker review) was just the beginning. Well that's now been confirmed by the film-makers who are going to make two films to top and tail the two already in existance, a...

Read the full story "[REC] series prequel and sequel" »

Vaughn back in for X-Men: First Class?

I am surprised. Considering the fact that Matthew Vaughn has been able to make anything he wants of late, raising the funding for his films himself and making them success after growing success, you might wonder why he would consider Hollywood, where the budgets and the projects are so tightly...

Read the full story "Vaughn back in for X-Men: First Class?" »

The American trailer online

Remember the days of those tilted head looks in ER for George Clooney? Long gone, and the trailer for The American cements that. George Clooney has totally reinvented his career since then and become a diverse and, at times, incredible actor. The trailer for The American shows that he's still...

Read the full story "The American trailer online" »

OSS 117: Lost in Rio trailer online

I've heard a lot about the OSS 117 films, a French take-off of the whole spy character genre that has been running for some time and has proven a great success. I'm really not sure about the film, although I have to believe that there's something strong there considering the...

Read the full story "OSS 117: Lost in Rio trailer online" »

May 1, 2010

Franchises, when is it time to stop?

The last year, and even further back than that, the same themes have been coming out of Hollywood, one of those themes has been the franchise. Hollywood just won't let go of them and we're seeing some of the big ones come back to life while others just can't seem...

Read the full story "Franchises, when is it time to stop?" »

The Dark Knight sequel forced forward

There's nothing like a little bit of pressure to force people to get on and do something, and that's what seems to be happening with the next film following the current Batman. The sequel to The Dark Knight (Filmstalker review) now has a release date. Wait up though, there's no...

Read the full story "The Dark Knight sequel forced forward" »

Rambo dead says Stallone, Expendables sequel coming

It's surprising that Sylvester Stallone is saying that Rambo is finished considering that not so long ago we were hearing that there was going to be another film, and even the Weinstein's were talking about Rambo returning to the U.S. and getting involved in something that would take him across...

Read the full story "Rambo dead says Stallone, Expendables sequel coming" »

New chilling Buried teaser online

Ryan Reynolds inspires little in me, light comedy, wash over you romantic drivel, some more light hearted action, and soon to be down the line superhero adaptations. There are a number of films he's shown something more in, there's Smokin' Aces (Filmstalker review), The Nines, Chaos Theory, Fireflies in the...

Read the full story "New chilling Buried teaser online" »

The Day God Walked Away trailer online

Le jour où Dieu est parti en voyage, or The Day God Walked Away, is a film that takes a very personal look at the Rwandan genocide, telling the story of a mother of two, a Tutsi, who is working for a Belgian family in Kigali when the genocide begins....

Read the full story "The Day God Walked Away trailer online" »

Trailer for Joe Dante's The Hole online

A lot of people have been waiting to find out what Joe Dante's The Hole looks like – I'll let that moment pass for the innuendo laden ones around, myself included – and finally we can see it. The trailer for The Hole has arrived and it has some genuinely...

Read the full story "Trailer for Joe Dante's The Hole online" »

Full Piranha 3D trailer online

The full trailer for Piranha 3D has arrived online and it's looking rather more exciting and thrilling than the first one. Mind you, to go with that there are some stunningly cheesy moments too. A real mixed bag, but after watching this I think the positives are outweighing the negatives....

Read the full story "Full Piranha 3D trailer online" »


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