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A Star is Born in Gerard Butler?

GerardButler.jpgRumour has it that Gerard Butler is the next name being considered to be the male lead of the remake of A Star is Born, and at first glance it would seem a damn good choice.

In the original stories the male character is an aging star, fading from Hollywood and turning to drink to get through his life. However he sees a chance of redemption through a young female star he falls in love with and decides to mentor.

The story has changed over the years moving from Hollywood to music, this tale may fall in either camp, after all they're talking about an actor for the male lead and perhaps someone like Beyoncé for the female, acting or singing?

I do think that they should keep it in the realm of acting, after all if they are going to music, would you really buy Gerard Butler as the washed out, once musical star now mentoring Beyoncé? Doesn't quite hold up for me, and it would feel better being acting, particularly as she has been trying her hand in the field of late.

The L.A. Times has the story with the rumour that Gerard Butler could be taking the lead, and they pick out the fact that he's not that old, but then were Kris Kristofferson or James Mason when they played the roles, and does it really matter?

I do think though that this story is very relevant in our time, and actually it's probably relevant in any time where there's been a show business running, a place where you have to constantly be someone else in front of, and behind, the camera, hiding your personal life from the press and the public.

It could be a strong role for Butler considering the character, but would you want Beyoncé next to him and set in the world of music or Hollywood?



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