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Update: Abrams' Super 8 trailer online

JJAbrams.jpgNot only is the Super 8 trailer online, but the outline and a little behind the film is too, giving us more of an insight into what it's going to be about, and it is the now not so secret project that Steven Spielberg is producing and J.J. Abrams is directing.

The trailer, which I hope the studios leave online because there's no way for us film fans in the rest of the world to see it just now, is set firmly in the 1970's and delivers something very foreboding. The feeling you're left with at the end of the trailer is dread of what is to come.

While Steven Spielberg is set to produce, J.J. Abrams is confirmed as directing Super 8, and it's set to be a homage to the science fiction films that Abrams watched when he was a kid. Mind you saying that this opening teaser trailer seems to have a lot more gravitas than most of those films that could have influenced him.

There is a nice Spielberg feel to the teaser though, or maybe that's just me making the connections with something like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, one of my favourite films of all time.

You can see the teaser trailer below, although it is rather dark, and I'll leave the related videos on in case the studio remove it. I really hope they don't though as they aren't really allowing the rest of the world a chance to see it, as far as I understand the teaser is only shipping with American prints of Iron Man 2 (Filmstalker review).

Entertainment Weekly tells us that the film is budgeted at US $45 million and J.J. Abrams will complete Super 8 before moving on to Star Trek 2 in Summer 2012.

Update: More news I've heard is that it won't be shot hand-held as everyone first thought, it's going to be shot traditionally. Something that is rather important to note.

Watch the teaser trailer below, and afterwards I'll give you a quick run down of it in case it does get pulled and I can't find another version.

Another version just in case.

Now if you want a complete run down of what happens, read on. There's not a great deal to it and there are no real spoilers I think, the power is in the tone of what you see and what that evokes in your mind, especially if you watched those older science fiction films, not in any big surprise.

The trailer begins with noises of chatter over the radio, close up of lights at night, and the following lines:

“In 1979, the U.S. Air Force closed a section of Area 51.

All materials were to be transported to a secure facility in Ohio.”

We then watch a pick-up truck driving along in the pitch dark, turning onto a rail-road track and getting hit head on by a train. There's a huge accident, the truck is destroyed and thrown about, and through the wreckage we see a sealed Army branded metal container.

The hatch wheel begins to spin, and inside something punches the door, harder and harder, making larger dents in the door.

“Next Summer”

The door bursts off the hinges and we see the words.

“It Arrives”

I'm in.

Update: According to JoBlo there are now two websites live for the film, the first is the official site where you can register for updates, and another is gleamed from letters that apparently show during the trailer that spell out "scariest thing I ever saw", hence the site title, scariestthingieversaw.com. Apparently that's a viral site, I'm just working my way through the cool War Games type graphics and I'm waiting for something to appear. More on that as it appears, or if you find out sooner let me know.



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