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Abrams' Super 8 trailer revealed?

Cloverfield.jpgI'm still waiting for the actual trailer to appear online, but we have the next best thing, a reveal of what the trailer will show, allegedly. I'm not entirely sold on the idea as yet because it could so easily be one of those misdirections that we've seen before, and it certainly is the obvious choice, however it's worth giving it a few pixels on here.

You'll remember that yesterday a reveal came that J.J. Abrams had a teaser trailer that was going to play out before the U.S. midnight screenings of Iron Man 2, and that it was called Super 8 with everyone guessing it might be a prequel to Cloverfield (Filmstalker review). Well the news may well be out.

The guesswork, and I think this was before anyone actually saw it, is that the trailer for Super 8 is indeed a prequel to Cloverfield.

Now before I go any further I just have to say how difficult it would be to make a prequel, or rather it would take a leap of faith by the audience, because you would think if a huge monster the size of a city and able to spread little creatures around the place like wildfire had appeared before, someone might have remembered.

One could argue that the people in the film were too young to remember, but that's a major event in world history, a huge creature arriving and destroying a city. You might have known if it happened in the seventies or eighties. Surely it would be in history and modern fables.

Well what if the creature isn't the size of a city block, and it's through time that it grows and grows? Perhaps it only arrives on Earth at a normal size and it's through chemicals and breeding that it grows to this size? Who knows.

For me though, the idea of the prequel has to be carefully handled. We can't be asked to imagine that Cloverfield (Filmstalker review) happened before and that it wouldn't have been known about.

The news from N.Y. Magazine's Vulture is that the trailer will show a group of kids filming a Super 8 movie in the seventies or eighties who develop it and see an alien in the frame.

They say that their sources also reveal that it is connected to Cloverfield, and that it may well be a prequel. Mind you, we'll really have to wait until the video is outed. Anyone seen it yet?



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