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Abrams to reveal teaser for new secret film?

Cloverfield.jpgRemember how Cloverfield (Filmstalker review) hit the world by a strange teaser created well before the film and played out before Transformers to much surprise? Well it looks like the writer/director is at it again with news of another secret teaser trailer to arrive on midnight screenings of Iron Man 2 (Filmstalker review).

The teaser trailer will be made by Abrams himself, but the super secret film, called Super 8, will not be made by him.

The bad news is probably that this will only be attached to the screenings in the U.S. since it hasn't actually been released there as yet, but at least someone will manage to get a hold of it for the rest of the world to see sometime after.

J.J. Abrams has created a teaser trailer to be aired on midnight prints of Iron Man 2 (Filmstalker review) this weekend.
The film is called Super 8.
J.J. Abrams will not direct the film but is producing.

That's it, really, that's all we know. Either the idea is in the really early stages and they've managed to keep it ultra secret, or maybe the film hasn't even started yet and the teaser is just at the beginning of the entire process.

The story comes from Hitfix through /Film and there's nothing but conjecture at the moment. Neither of the stories tells us if the teaser will be getting to the rest of the world, but I suspect that it is a U.S. only deal for their release and after it's been seen it'll be released online.

They suggest that the film is a Cloverfield (Filmstalker review) sequel, something that seems to be a bit of hopeful guessing so far.

Mind you, it would make sense with a title like that, although what it would suggest more than anything is a prequel as the title of Super 8 suggests a much older style of handheld film-making than with all the digital filming around nowadays. Plus there was nothing in Cloverfield to suggest that the world had seen the monster before.

More than likely this is something totally new, although perhaps a spiritual sequel to Cloverfield in terms of film-making, it's going to be hitting a different story altogether. What do you think?



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