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Another Marilyn Monroe film

MichelleWilliams.jpgWe just heard the other day about a Marilyn Monroe film starring Naomi Watts as the iconic lady, and the day after I read that there was another Monroe film in development, one starring someone that probably looks a lot more like Monroe than Watts does, well as she does right now.

The other film is going to star a rather different kind of actress in the lead, no less a strong actress, but a much more independent one, and definitely one that looks a lot more like Monroe.

There's some talk about their differing body types, one is tall, very thin and the other is a little more like the less Hollywood body type that Marilyn Monroe was. Personally I think that Naomi Watts will find it easy to look the part, but there is the fact that she has movie star looks and the other actress set to play Monroe in another film has more day to day beauty.

The other actress is, according to AICN, Michelle Williams, and she will star in My Week With Marilyn which will focus on the time that Monroe worked with Laurence Olivier on The Princess and the Showgirls, a film that was just on British television this morning.

Simon Curtis is directing this film and Ralph Fiennes was apparently in line to play Olivier, but he pulled out for his film Coriolanus, which I've just heard Gerard Butler announce he's finished filming and had stopped off for the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco.

It's interesting to compare the two actresses and consider how they both compare to the star and pitch up against each other, however the thing we have to ultimately realise is that they are both actresses, and good ones, and they can pull off any role.

Body types and beauty aside I think it comes down to something else inside. There's the sparkle in that eye and if they can light up a room and command all eyes on her, and also if they can portray the complex character of Marilyn Monroe both on screen and off screen.

For she is a complex character, and if you've ever seen or read anything about her personal life you'll know she wasn't just the ditzy character in film or the blonde bombshell, and her private life was quite a complex one filled with rumours and conspiracies.

I wonder if either of these films will give us an insight into who she really was, some of the rumours and conspiracies around her, and will really do the person behind the figure some justice.



i always thought Scarlett Johansson would of played her

Now she would be an excellent choice Chris. She does look perfect for the part.


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