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Another Natascha Kampusch biographical film?

NataschaKampusch.jpgIf you don't remember Natascha Kampusch, she was abducted on her way to school when she was just ten then held for eight years by a forty-four year old man in his home, mainly locked in his cellar. She finally escaped and the man who kidnapped her threw himself in front of a train.

Well back in 2006, just months after she escaped, producers were knocking at her door and were desperate to make a film about her life. Now though there's a more concrete announcement about a film on her life, and it's far more believable.

Back in 2006 a British tabloid suggested that Scarlett Johansson was set to play her and Oscars were mentioned. Insanity so early on to be honest, and looking back quite insensitive too. However now that time has passed and she no doubt has some of her life on track, the film industry are moving forward.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Bernd Eichinger and Constantin Film are set to make the film about her kidnapping, eight year imprisonment, and final escape.

The positive comments that come out of this are that Natascha Kampusch herself is trusting of the film. She said that she trusted Eichinger, the producer of films such as The Baader Meinhof Complex and Downfall, and that he would ensure that her story was told properly.

The journalist Peter Reichard is set to co-write the script and develop the project with the producer, he spent months interviewing Kampusch for a German television documentary, so it certainly sounds like it'll be factual and perhaps have a huge insight into the woman herself.

It's really tricky ground making a documentary about someone who is still alive, especially someone who has had such a personal and harrowing experience. I'd hate to be responsible for something like that and have the potential to upset or perhaps harm the memories or recovery of someone from an ordeal like this.



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