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Auteur cinema comes to PlayStation

PlayStation3.jpgThe PlayStation 3 is about to have something rather special added to it, to elevate it above and beyond a Home Cinema system, MUBI.

What's MUBI? Well I'll go into it in more detail in a moment, but it's a service that delivers some quality films direct to your PlayStation, and not a Hollywood blockbuster in sight. We're talking Scorsese to Takashi and in a quality that is supposed to surpass the usual online film watching.

The online film service MUBI is partnering with Sony Europe to deliver their service to the PlayStation in addition to the existing film service it delivers, which isn't a bad thing as that delivers all the popular titles.

Here's an excerpt from the about section on the MUBI site:

Popular doesn't always mean good.

Our film library is brimming with visionary films that wouldn't fill a single cinema in Belgium for a week - not even a day. But if you searched the world (all of it), you might just find an audience of a thousand for these rare cinematic treats. And we don't think a thousand people should be ignored just because they happen to live in different time zones or far away from Belgian cinemas. If someone needed to make such a precise film, it means that someone, somewhere needs to watch it. More importantly, that someone might be you. Or Martin Scorsese (he happens to be a member too.) You'll also find Hollywood favorites, from Annie Hall to The Royal Tenenbaums...

... MUBI is not just about discovering wonderful new cinema or classic masterpieces. It's also about discussing and sharing these discoveries, which makes us like a small coffee shop-… a place where you can gather and talk about alternative endings, directors' cuts, and whatever those frogs in Magnolia meant. Heated debates and passionate arguments are welcome.

I think that last section is the most interesting, because there's the promise that the sharing and discussion part of the site is set to arrive on the PlayStation 3 as well, as can be seen by the write up on the PlayStation Europe blog who tell us more:

...we are not just an online cinema and we are not just some tech and film geeks in California-well, some of us are, yes-but we are 300,000 friends talking, discovering, and sharing films with one another every day...

...soon, you will find a new application on your console, which will let you stream the best of international cinema from the comforts of your couch. This is not a simple virtual videostore; we emphasize quality over quantity. You'll find undistributed festival gems ripe for your discovery, your favorite recent independent and art-house releases. Names like the Coen brothers, Godard, Kitano, Almodóvar, Tarantino, and Van Sant are some we'll bring home to you...

...But that's not all. We'll bring you exclusive online premieres, collaborations with international film festivals, and retrospectives of some of the best cinema the world has ever seen...

...a place where you can gather and chat about alternative endings, directors' cuts, or whatever those frogs in Magnolia meant...You can follow members and interact with them...

With that they reveal Martin Scorsese has a profile on the site, and you can see some of his favourite films and lists. It kind of ends up looking like a Facebook type online cinema, just without all the rubbish and the applications, and with quality cinema galore.

I've yet to have a look at a film and really see the quality, but it does look like an excellent service, my only concern being it's GBP £3 per film, does that seem a little steep to you? Now we just have to wait for the service to arrive.



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