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Barrymore directing Wizard of Oz film

DrewBarrymore.jpgDrew Barrymore is set to direct a film about the Wizard of Oz, joining a number of other Wizard of Oz films which are doing various time-frames around the original story - remakes, prequels and sequels.

Drew Barrymore's film, which is called Surrender Dorothy, is a sequel, set far in the future with the great, great granddaughter of Dorothy. However they've managed to insert a twist in the story.

The plot for this sequel sees the story of her great, great granddaughter and her adventure with Oz. When I read about that originally I could see this being a modern version of the same story, different witch. Oh no, they've actually done something to change it.

The story will see her great, great granddaughter try and master those red shoes that are now part of the family, to try and stop the wicked Witch of the west from taking over both the land of Oz and of Earth. It sounds as though she's found a way to get to this world from hers and wants to do more than just get revenge.

It's not clear if Drew Barrymore will be acting in it, but I do suspect she'll have a small part if she's directing, much like she did in Whip It (Filmstalker review), and she'll pick up someone else to take the lead.

There are a number of other Oz projects out there, as the story from Pajiba through First Showing reminds us, joining the Sam Mendes and Robert Downey Jr. Oz prequel and the Josh Olson written sequel.

I wonder which one grabs you the most; Downey as the Wizard first arriving in the land, a straight sequel, or this story? I like this idea, and Barrymore showed a lot of promise with Whip It, but perhaps needs some polish on following action.



Hmm, sounds a lot like the Tin Man mini series that was on SciFi a few years back.

I want that darker Oz movie, the one LR reported on that would have a sort of Harry Potter darkness to it. Oz is so full of [expletive removed - Richard] up [expletive removed - Richard], it would be a shame just to make it another Tim Burton-Alice movie.


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