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Billionaire Boys Club

BillionaireBoysClub.jpgBillionaire Boys Club is based on the true story of a group of wealthy young men in L.A. during the eighties who ran an investment club with other people's money and funded their own expensive lifestyles. However when the club lost the money and the funds began to run out, they turned to extortion, kidnapping and murdered two people.

Sounds a strong story, but there are a few warnings in the story that make you think that once again this will be a "based on true events" film that will end up changing the true events into the Hollywood stylised version for pure entertainment.

James Cox is set to direct the crime thriller that is based on the story which he and his brother spent four months researching and then four months writing. As Cox himself says:

"As soon as I started doing research, I discovered there were certain events that no one had written about or discussed before...For one, brief, shining spot, there was a place called Camelot. These men were truly on the verge of a billion dollars. These were all young men, coming up through Beverly Hills, dealing with the pressure of being part of the L.A. elite. Joe Hunt was a Svengali who seduced them."

Reading the write up in The Hollywood Reporter it does sound as though the Cox brothers have created a less than true version for film as they reveal that they created a composite character based on several members of the real life group and then:

"As we were writing this, I thought, 'What if 'Wall Street' became 'Alpha Dog' halfway through?...We were beholden to the truth but knew we needed to do a composite to give us a vessel to sail through this sewage."

Sounds interesting, but it's straying far from a true life story now isn't it? Creating a composite character out of several of the real life ones, and then combining the ideas of two previous films to shape this one? It doesn't sound quite like it's the true story of the actual events, but more the usual Hollywood interpretation.

Still, it does sound an interesting story none the less, even if Judd Nelson did get there first with a television film.



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