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Charlie St. Cloud trailer online

ZacEfron.jpgI can't figure this film, although the trailer has the feel of an overly heart string tugging movie designed to get you crying, there's something a little darker, something a little more real to it, and with Zac Efron growing up a little performance by performance it does seem to hold a lot of interest.

Charlie St. Cloud is the story of a young man whose younger brother is killed in a car crash while he's driving. He's ravaged with guilt and takes a job in the local cemetery to be near his brother and even begins seeing him in the local woods. He creates an imaginary life with him, and when a woman comes along and he falls for her, he must choose between his two worlds.

Yes, even the blurb starts to bore after a little while, but it's that last line, and the last line of the trailer that capture me. I wonder if there is going to be a healthy dose of reality and a little sprinkle of darkness to Charlie St. Cloud?

It does use that surprise side on car move that has been seen so many times you now expect it coming. I remember seeing it on British television in Cold Feet, and let me tell you that was a huge surprise, but when that right angle shot in a car comes on, you usually know what to expect now.

Here's the trailer for Charlie St. Cloud which I found through Deadline Hollywood Daily.



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