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Closing Credits: Christopher Cazenove

ChristopherCazenove.jpgChristopher Cazenove, the actor most known for his role in the long running Dynasty, died on the 7th of April. Despite having more of a television career than a film one, he had a number of memorable roles earlier on in his career, starring against many other strong leading men.

He played Ben Carrington in Dynasty for thirty six episodes over a period of two years, not that long for the series, and so it's strange that he should be known for that, especially considering his film roles.

He had many television roles, with his first most notable role that The Guardian point out being in The Duchess of Duke Street from 1976 to 1977, but Dynasty eclipsed that, and many others that he played on prime time television mini-series and series.

His first screen role was in Julius Ceaser in 1970, alongside Charlton Heston as a servant, a role he received no on screen credit for.

Further roles gained him much more notice, in the 1975 Royal Flash, Elephant Rock in 1977, Heat and Dust in 1982, 3 Men and a Little Lady in 1990, and surprisingly his role in A Knight's Tale in 2001.

For me though there are two roles that stand out in Christopher Cazenove's film career, that of Lieutenant Coghill in the 1979 Zulu Dawn, and the physically and emotionally damaged downed fighter pilot in the superb Eye of the Needle, a film which had a great impact on my early cinematic viewing, and saw him star alongside Donald Sutherland.

Christopher Cazenove



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