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Danny Trejo's terrible Vengeance trailer

DannyTrejo.jpgI started watching this because Danny Trejo was in it and thought we might be in for something interesting, but half way through I had a wry smile on my face and couldn't watch any more.

Then, after I closed it down, I just thought it's so bad perhaps it's going to be good.

The film has some recognisable faces in it over and above Danny Trejo, although the appearance of Jason Mewes in prison is a little surprising and perhaps unnerving for the other prisoners!

There's the terrible voice-over, the fact that it's perfectly clear hand-held footage with this continual fake scratching appearing over the top trying to be a grind-house trailer but just looking too clean, and the terrible slow turns to camera, oh and the priest almost had me in stitches.

Is this supposed to be a comedy? Here's the trailer for Vengeance for you to decide for yourself.



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