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Dracula 3D by Dario Argento

DarioArgento.jpgThat statement sounds very strange, Dracula 3D by Dario Argento, but that's exactly what Dario Argento is set to do, to bring Dracula to the big screen in 3D.

There's little to go on for the moment, but the news on the film adaptation is telling us that this will be a faithful adaptation of the Bram Stoker novel.

Now that's something I find hard to believe considering how bad Giallo was and the fact that this Dracula is going to be in 3D, and Dario Argento's career to date, nothing against it, I just can't see him making a faithful adaptation of the story, especially having read it.

I really can't see Argento making Bram Stoker's Dracula story faithfully, Argento isn't going to be able to resist putting his own touches and flair to the film, and who would want him to do anything else? Really?

What's worse is that I just can't imagine the pain of a 3D Dracula. Are we going to see a big bat swooping at the camera?

ShockTillYouDrop has the reveal that Dracula is hitting 3D and coming from Dario Argento, and they have a poster to match, just to prove that something is actually moving forward.



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