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Extended Knight and Day trailer online

KnightandDay.jpgShame this isn't in English, and I'm surprised it isn't for on the ill-named British National “Movie” Awards this extended trailer was shown sans subtitles and looked really good, in fact it hand me all pumped up for the film, and that closing scene was pretty funny.

It also points the way to an extended clip which is online.

Say what you like about Tom Cruise, he's a great actor and in this film he looks set to deliver in bucket loads, as does Cameron Diaz herself.

What I particularly like about the trailer is that while she's accidentally pulled into being on the run with the spy who is being targeted by his own agency, she starts to learn a few tricks, and by the end of it you know she's not taking it screaming and kicking. No, she's going to be a positive female foil in the film and actually take some action.

The new trailer for Knight and Day is very small, not shared and carries subtitles, but at least the subtitles are outside the frame of action and it's a much longer trailer.

If you can find a trailer for the film anywhere else online without the subtitles and in a bigger format, let me know and I'll update the article. I know I'm off for a search.

Meanwhile, head over to Latino Review to catch the trailer. It's well worth it.



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