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Footloose back in step?

Footloose.jpgI thought that the Footloose remake was down the tubes, for the second time, but actually it might be live again and with a new director and rumoured new leading actor.

When we last heard both Zac Efron and Kenny Ortega had left the production and there wasn't any news of a replacement.

News comes that there's a new director on board, but only as a byline to the unsubstantiated and credited rumour of a new lead, which seems to be more the Footloose and fancy free choice of the writer than anything else.

However The L.A. Times says that Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl is looking good for the lead, but we don't know why or from where that comes.

In amongst the story is a note that Craig Brewer has signed up to direct after Kenny Ortega left. That does surprise me considering the career that Ortega has and how well suited he was to the film, and the man who directed an episode of The Shield, Black Snake Moan and Hustle & Flow, might not be such an obvious choice. Of course the music connection is strong, but not as strong as with Ortega who is responsible for the High School Musical films and Michael Jackson's This Is It.

What this does suggest though is a shift in direction for the film from more musical to more dramatic, but with musical accompaniment. Of course Brewer could be directing the musical as it was originally, but looking at the careers of the two directors you could well be forgiven for thinking that this directional change is coming, and it might be a good thing, for recreating the original story in a modern setting and getting an audience to buy into it is going to be difficult I believe.



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