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Fright Night remake gains cast

FrightNight.jpgSo the remake of Fright Night has gained a cast and it's clearly stating that the approach for this remake is going to be higher budget than the original, but does that mean it's going to be higher brow too?

The original Fright Night was a hugely enjoyable film that may have had its tongue firmly in its cheek, but had a devilish dash of excitement, danger and a good amount of bloodless horror, and it will be interesting to see if a big remake such as this can recapture the strength of the original.

That question aside for the moment, the casting is taking a good knock at the attempt, but let me string out the character that all fans of the original will be dying to find out about and head onto the other cast names involved so far.

First up is the lead, Anton Yelchin, originally played by William Ragsdale in the original Fright Night. He's the one who discovers that a vampire has moved in next door and is offing rather good looking women in order to feed his blood lust.

His mother, who obviously doesn't believe him about the new neighbour but is disapproving of him none the less, that is until she meets him and is drawn to his magnetic charm, will be played by Toni Collette.

Meanwhile there's no word of who will be playing his best friend Evil 'Ed' Thompson or his girlfriend Amy, both of whom are pulled into the story to help him and provide some surprises along the way.

Craig Gillespie is directing the film, who's that you say? Lars and the Real Girl, Mr. Woodcock and some episodes of United States of Tara.

Oh, wait a minute, have I forgotten the big news through the Yahoo News story? Who's playing the vampire? The character once played so enigmatically by Chris Sarandon is set to see a new and perhaps somewhat unlikely face replace him. Colin Farrell.

Now that name may have had the same impact on you that it had with me, I was surprised, genuinely surprised. Farrell has the charm indeed, but it's a rougher charm, not as smooth and beguiling as Chris Sarandon's version of the character.

However I wonder if that sets a little bit of a tone for the rest of the film? Are we going to be looking at a rougher, harder edged film than the eighties Fright Night?

Certainly Fright Night can't try and simply remake the original, but then can it afford to do anything but? The film can definitely be called a cult film, despite its age. There's a real double edged sword to this film, remake it to how the fans want to see it, respectful to the original, or reinvent it and modernise it, create a new, stand alone version of the film?

It's going to be a difficult call to make, but with Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and Toni Collette on board you have to believe that the studio see a fair bit of mileage in the film, otherwise they wouldn't be investing in this cast, would they?



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