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Greengrass leaves Fantastic Voyage for Treasure Island

PaulGreengrass.jpgThere's part of me that thinks that a remake of Treasure Island is more suited to Paul Greengrass than a remake of Fantastic Voyage, for that is where all the action is, and action is what Greengrass has become known for.

Yet there's a lot more to him than just that, United 93 (Filmstalker review), Bloody Sunday, and the television film The Murder of Stephen Lawrence. Still, none of them feel like either of these films, and so the action in Treasure Island surely calls out to him more than Fantastic Voyage.

The news today reveals that Paul Greengrass has indeed walked away from the James Cameron produced Fantastic Voyage remake, and apparently he's the only director so far that's even managed to read the script.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily through Collider, Paul Greengrass had been in negotiations to direct Fantastic Voyage but the deal feel through, even though he was close to signing.

Were there questions about his directing style, or did he just not want to do it? Was James Cameron wanting to make the film in 3D and Paul Greengrass didn't? We're not sure, and until Greengrass decides to tell everyone we won't know. Still, I think some of it was down to his directing style to date, but the 3D issue could well have raised it's head.

Now though, he's onto something else and it's another remake. As Hollywood looks to the pirates and swashbuckling characters of yesteryear, Greengrass looks set to take up the helm of Treasure Island.

The article reports that he was actually lured away from Fantastic Voyage by the idea of this project, a film born (see what I did there?) from the modernisation of the Sherlock Holmes character with the producers thinking they could do the same for Treasure Island.

I think it's perhaps a better fit for the director, although I do hope there's no shaky cam involved. Someone else should take up the Fantastic Voyage film and steer it more towards the thriller side of the action. As for Treasure Island, with Greengrass behind it the film will definitely turn out to be a modernisation. I wouldn't be surprised if he takes it to modern day Somalia!



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