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Italian trailer for Dante's The Hole

TheHole.jpgJoe Dante's The Hole is a film I'm actually looking forward too, and I know that sounds odd coming from me as I'm not a fan of 3D, and there are plenty of cheap 3D shots early on in the film trailer – see the nails falling towards the screen, or the reaching out of the hand into the hole and towards the camera.

However the idea and the prospect of Dante delivering the film is something that has me excited, as do the promise of the trailers.

The Hole is the story of two brothers who discover a secured hatch at the bottom of their basement, when they break it open they discover that there's a deep hole beneath it, a hole that doesn't want to remain hidden. Once it's opened it unleashes evil upon them, in the form of their darkest fears and dreams.

Now there's a new Italian trailer online featuring some additional footage that hasn't been seen before. Here's the Italian trailer for Joe Dante's The Hole from Bloody Disgusting:

As a reminder, here's the previous trailer:

It does look good doesn't it? The promise of a horror that seems to tailor itself for the person it's terrorising. All the classic horror elements are there. I'm definitely in.



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