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Jane Goldman To Write X-Men: First Class

JaneGoldman.jpgI don't think it's a surprise to say that Jane Goldman is set to join Matthew Vaughn in writing X-Men: First Class, but confirmation has come, in a way, that the writing partner of Vaughn has begun writing the new X-Men film.

When we heard that Matthew Vaughn had signed to write and direct the new X-Men film after they had failed through one round of negotiations to secure him for the task, we heard that there were various conditions he had for taking on the role, and one of those I conjectured was Jane Goldman.

Goldman has been his writing partner for some time and their success falls on Stardust (Filmstalker review) and Kick-Ass, so is it a great surprise that he wanted her writing on the new X-Men: First Class? I don't think so, especially not since she was so influential in writing and polishing the scripts that he then directs.

The confirmation comes from Jonathon Ross on Twitter, and if you didn't know, Jonathon Ross is the husband of Jane Goldman.

"The wife is away writing X-Men 4, so I am off to bed with little Sweeney alone."

Empire, who carry the tweet, believe that Ross actually meant X-Men: First Class and not X-Men 4, something that I wholly believe, after all X-Men 4 could be an age away, X-Men: First Class on the other hand has Matthew Vaughn set to direct as soon as possible.

What this means for X-Men: First Class is that we're in for another top notch script that will translate wonderfully to film, and Vaughn and Goldman look like they'll be onto another winner.



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