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Johnson's Looper gains another great cast member

BruceWillis.jpgI love Rian Johnson's Brick (Filmstalker review), it's a great film with tons of style that really does stand out from the group, and so that's why I'm really keen to see what he comes up with in his ambitious sounding plot of Looper, the science fiction time travel film.

Already we heard that it was set to star Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the lead character, in a film that tells the story of hit men who send their victims back in time to kill them there, so that there's no trace of the crime in the future.

It's a great idea, a really clever one, and the twist seems to be that the lead character is sent back in time to be killed himself. Sounds bizarre, but hold up. Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn't on his own, and the older version of himself, the one in the future, will be played by Bruce Willis, according to the Deadline Hollywood Daily story.

Are you getting a slight taste of Terminator or Twelve Monkeys? Perhaps, but that's only because it's Willis, the time travel theme and the killing someone in the past idea. I like Willis playing the older character to Gordon-Levitt's younger character.

There's a little confusion about the story for Looper though. Rian Johnson has spoken about the plot being the sending back of victims into the past to have them killed, but how does it work with the two versions of the one character?

Are we going to see the older character, Willis, sent back in time to be killed by his younger self, Gordon-Levitt? If that's the case then the organisation of hit men are recruiting their killers in the past, but how does that affect the timeline? My brain's starting to hurt.

Great idea though, and I really do believe Rian Johnson is going to pull something special off.



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