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Judge Dredd steps up, in 3D

JudgeDredd.jpgI had thought that the idea of another Judge Dredd film was dead, but not so. We had heard that there was another version being planned, but events went silent, until now.

It seems that the idea of a new Judge Dredd film is far from dead, and is in fact stepping up a grear with some decent talent being mentioned as behind the camera. Dredd fans, this could actually be the film you've been waiting for.

Of course the standard statement appears with all non-dramatic and script based films these days, it's coming in 3D.

You know I am getting tired of writing about films appearing in 3D, and I think I might make a concerted effort here and now to just stop doing that, after all it's becoming the norm to throw new films into 3D either retrofitted or filmed that way, and try and get the audience to pay even more cash for a ticket and some forgotten glasses, even with the continual rising price of tickets.

It seems, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily through ComicBookMovie, who don't supply a link, that the new version of the film has a producer, financier, and most importantly a director. Oh and if you didn't know already, it has a writer.

Alex Garland wrote the script and the latest news is that Andrew Macdonald's DNA Films has made the deal with Reliance Big Entertainment to get the money together to make the film happen. The eagle eyed amongst you, or the ones just keeping their eyes on the project, would have realised that 20th Century Fox were working on the release, well they let the rights to the project slip by and this is the new deal.

Now that's the boring part of the news, let me get to the more interesting part, who will be directing this new Judge Dredd?

Pete Travis, the man who directed Vantage Point, Endgame, Omagh and Henry VIII. Now for me that sounds like a step up from what I was expecting, Travis did a damn good job on Vantage Point, although the ending was so Hollywood I almost wept after how well scripted and orchestrated on screen the main piece of the film was.

I think taking his sensibilities to the idea of Judge Dredd might just give us a film that is a lot more than the previous Sylvester Stallone starring film, although it's fair to say that his Judge Dredd a lot of fun to watch, if not very flattering to the original comic character.

Already, just by looking at the talent involved behind the camera, I think it's fair to say that this version of Judge Dredd is already looking like it's going to be better than the original. Finger's crossed Dredd fans, it's still a long way to go.



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