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Kane and Lynch gains new director?

KaneandLynch.jpgKane and Lynch has already signed up Bruce Willis to take the lead of one of the mercenaries who has just escaped from prison, and word was that Jamie Foxx was set to become the other lead. At the same time we heard that Simon Crane was set to direct the Kyle Ward script. All sounding rather interesting so far.

Then the videogame adaptation when quiet, and today there's news that turns around the potential film, a director change. In fact the studio have already approached a strong director and been turned down, and now they are in talks with their next choice.

A big question is apparent throughout this story, where are Bruce Willis and Jaime Foxx in all this? Are they going to lead the film or do the changes mean a change of actors too? Mind you, they were rumoured to be on board during Simon Crane's version of the film, so perhaps they've moved on too?

We first heard about the film when the video game was bought by Lionsgate back in February 2007, even before the game had finished being made, and in June 2008 the news came that Bruce Willis was set to join with the Jamie Foxx story following soon after.

So far what we know that the story is about a mercenary is sprung from prison along with a schizophrenic, drug taking killer. Willis plays the mercenary who has to return the favour of his freedom and secure the life of his family by carrying out the tasks required of him by some shady group of people who enlist the killer, played by Foxx, to shadow him and make sure he does what he's supposed to.

Sounds an unusual pairing for both actors and characters, but it's a great film idea and a strong videogame that had some very violent and entertaining set pieces.

The Latino Review story tells us that Simon Crane left the production as the relationship wasn't working out with the studio and they went out to none other than F. Gary Gray, the director of the recent Law Abiding Citizen (Filmstalker review) and the excellent The Negotiator, as well as Be Cool, A Man Apart and The Italian Job, a strong thriller director for sure.

Unfortunately it seems that Gray passed up on the opportunity, something I find sad from this side of the screen as he would have made an excellent film with this idea and script, and even the two actors.

However that's not to be and it appears that the studio are now talking to Wayne Kramer, the man who wrote and director Running Scared, a pretty good thriller, and the recent ensemble film Crossing Over, adapted from the short film he wrote and directed some years earlier.

He's another strong choice, although it is just talks at the moment, he would make an interesting thriller out of the game's story don't you think?



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