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Les Liens du sang remade by Canet and Gray

GuillaumeCanet.jpgLes Liens du sang, which is also known as Rivals, is said to have "loosely inspired" a new film that Guillaume Canet, the director of Tell No one, and James Gray, the director of Two Lovers and We Own the Night, will direct together.

The film sees Canet making his English language directorial debut alongside Gray and will carry the working title of Rivals, now if that doesn't sound like a remake I don't know what does. Let's take a look at the plot and see for sure.

Guillaume Canet and James Gray have written the screenplay which will focus on the relationship between two brothers, one a cop and the other an ex-con, which is amazingly the story of the original film.

However the CEO of StudioCanal doesn't agree with me, speaking to Variety he said:

"...the film is not really a remake, it's a completely different story, set in a completely different environment"

The original film was set in Lyon in the 1970's underworld and it starred none other than Guillaume Canet alongside Francois Cluzet.

Canet was talking about the film and may either have been asked about the fact that there are two male leads, or there was a suggestion of his partner Marion Cotillard being up for a role, either way his response is rather snigger worthy.

"Though the screenplay isn't finished yet, there looks to be some beautiful female parts."

Okay, sniggering over. Although it does sound like it's a remake in studio executives clothing, it's going to be co-written and co-directed by Guillaume Canet, and that's a damn good thing. At least it's not a straight Hollywood remake of French thriller.



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