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Logan's Run remake moves forward

LogansRun.jpg...and my Dad becomes a little more unhappy. He loves Logan's Run, and despite how aged it looks, it's still a great story and a great science fiction film with some wonderful ideas.

Now the word is that the man who would have been directing the Alien prequel had Ridley Scott not decided to return to it, is stepping up to the remake.

When the news was announced that Bryan Singer, was going to remake the film my Dad didn't really understand what Bryan Singer could bring to the project and potentially how well he could remake it, he was just unhappy about it, and I know that's going to continue when he hears that it's going to be remade again.

Singer had been associated with the project from early on in 2004 and there have been on and off reports ever since for both director and film, and we even heard that Joseph Kosinski, the now director of Tron Legacy and the soon to be director of the remake of The Black Hole was set to make the film, before he had been snapped up for the Tron sequel, and when that was offered, he jumped.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision, Carl Erik Rinsch is the man tasked with bringing the classic Logan's Run to life again in this new version of Logan's Run.

For those of you who haven't been following the story and haven't heard of the original, the film is set in a future where those that turn thirty are killed in the guise of a ceremony called Carousel. The main reason for this is population control as resources are limited in this post apocalyptic society. However some people decide to run for a place called Sanctuary which may, or may not, exist. It's the job of the Sandmen to hunt them down and kill them. Logan's Run starred Michael York as the Sandman sho is turning thirty and decides to run along with a woman played by Jenny Agutter as the Sandman on the run and the woman he wants to escape with.

What I do find interesting about this is that the project has been, however briefly, passed through some strong hands. Although Kosinski hasn't delivered much there is huge hype and excitement around Tron Legacy and I do believe that film will deliver in spades, and the very fact that Carl Rinsch was picked to bring the Alien franchise back to life from the death that AvP brought to it has to speak for quite a bit. The remake has definitely been passed along very competent science fiction hands.

So what now? Well Rinsch looks like he could pull off something visually rich, exciting and potentially rather intelligent, judging by his short film behind which is a feature quite possibly about to be made, see the previous Filmstalker story The Gift which features the full short science fiction film.

Surprisingly, for a project that has a history such as this one, I'm still feeling rather positive about the outcome. My Dad won't be though.



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