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Los ojos de Julia (Julia's Eyes) spooky trailer online

LosojosdeJulia.jpgI don't usually get hung up on "from the producers of...", however when Guillermo del Toro is involved you know that there's a lot more than the money and facilities going on there, and that it tends to be an endorsement of a really good film.

Los ojos de Julia, or Julia's Eyes, is such a film and the trailer may have adopted the Hollywood style of show dramatic image, fade to black, repeat, but actually it works well here and does give a creepy and tension raising trailer.

What's great about it as well is that it doesn't actually give anything away, although I'd also say that it doesn't do a great job of pulling you into the story or the characters, but at least we're not seeing too much and spoiling anything.

The film comes from Guillem Morales, who made El habitante incierto (Filmstalker review), a film I saw a while ago which had a great concept and wonderful execution, and that really suggests that there's a director here who knows how to pull out the tension in moments.

The story of Los ojos de Julia (Julia's Eyes) has Julia suffering from a disease that slowly destroys her eyesight, horribly her twin sister is also suffering the same disease, and when she is found dead one day Julia is convinced that there's more to it than the suicide the police think. She decides, against all odds, to investigate her death herself, despite her failing eyesight.

Now there's an interesting twist, a person with failing eyesight as a private investigator. Here's the trailer from Quiet Earth which seems to promise a lot more than just that.



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