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Love Ranch trailer online

HelenMirren.jpgThe trailer for Love Ranch has arrived online, the film from Taylor Hackford and Mark Jacobson that tells the, probably partly true, story of a married couple who opened the first legal brothel in Nevada.

The film stars Helen Mirren, Joe Pesci, Gina Gershon, Ling Bai and from what you might think of the blurb, the trailer delivers something very different, something much more dramatic.

I was surprised when I watched the Love Ranch trailer, it starts off as you'd expect, then the introduction of the fighter seems a little strange until the relationships start being explored and the parts of the story start seeping through the short trailer.

The trailer looks much darker than I first thought, and it gives the sense that some of the characters are spiralling downwards, yet I think it also gives too much away. From that trailer I can more or less guess what way the Love Ranch is headed and where it's going to end in the closing scenes, and that's something I hate about trailers.

Here's a blurb for the film:

Love Ranch is a bittersweet love story that turns explosive when the players in a romantic triangle lose control and cross the line.

Set in the late-1970s, depicting larger than life personalities living on the edge, Love Ranch stars Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci as Grace Bontempo and Charlie Bontempo, the husband and wife team who own and run Nevada's first legalized brothel.

Their lives are suddenly altered when Armando Bruza, a husky, world famous heavy weight boxer from South America, played by hot up-and-coming Spanish actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta, is brought to the Ranch to train as part of Charlie's ever-expanding entrepreneurial empire.

Plans quickly go awry when Bruza comes between Grace and Charlie as an unforeseen love triangle develops that erupts into uncontrollable passion and murder.

You can see it over at Apple Trailers in high definition, and see what you think of that accent from Helen Mirren. She does seem to be getting her fair share of the loving at the ranch, although I must admit to being captivated by Gina Gershon.

I do think it's worth watching because it gives you a real sense of what the film will offer, and it's a good feeling. Just be prepared to see the direction of the film, but then it's not that different from so many other Hollywood trailers these days.



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