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Margin Call to tell story of investment bank collapse

StanleyTucci.jpgHere's an interesting story, although there's not really that much of it, no one's really tried to tell the story of some of the financial institutions that fell to the recent world financial problems, but looking at the blurb for Margin Call, perhaps this might be the beginning?

Margin Call is set to tell the story of twenty-four hours in an investment bank during the 2008 financial collapse. It might not sound that exciting, but believe me these times were tense for those of us working in banks. Plus, there's the cast.

Stanley Tucci and Carla Gugino have just been announced as joining the existing cast of Kevin Spacey and Zachary Quinto. Quinto has a lot of time on his hands now that it seems the television company behind Heroes has decided to drop Heroes rather than invest in making it better.

There's not much else about it in The Hollywood Reporter story, but that's a strong cast.

J.C. Chandor is the first time writer director, but the cast is looking interesting for this film.

I really do think there's a lot to get out of these stories and period in time. It's still extremely relevant, there's a lot of misdirected passion and anger about all the events and a desire to blame everyone within the banks regardless.

Meanwhile, internally, real people like you and me are struggling to keep doing their jobs with less and less people, more and more workload and more and more pressure, seeing people made redundant and outsourced around them while they keep the business going day to day.

Not only that but in the instigating hours of the crash the businesses on the fringe, like some of these investment banks, are where all the intrigue and action would be, akin to a political thriller from the seventies.

Margin Call could well be a good film.



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