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Mass Effect gains film deal

MassEffect.jpgMass Effect is the latest video game to be adapted for film, although I do wonder if this will be one that we'll see come to fruition. With the possibility of epic space stories and big CG sequences, I get a similar taste in my mouth to Halo and Gears of War, is it going to be just too much to make?

They do have a good writer on board though, and perhaps he can bring the story in line with what would be required for Hollywood just now, or perhaps if the studio has more control they can mould it any way they like.

The big problem with Halo was that they couldn't do that, and the studio were being very true to the original and subsequent stories that had created the whole Halo universe, they were holding onto the rights with a tight grip.

Gears of War looks like its budget just grew too big, after all it's about humans fighting off a great army of aliens trying to destroy them, which sounds very similar to Mass Effect. I admit I haven't played the game, but budget wise I could see it going that way. So will it really get made?

Well Deadline Hollywood Daily have Mark Protosevich set to write the script, he previously wrote The Cell, I Am Legend (Filmstalker review) and Thor, so perhaps he can bring something out of the story that the studio would go for?

The story for Mass Effect goes like this, in 2148 technology was discovered on Mars hidden in an alien colony that allowed the human race to expand at a fantastic rate. Utilising technology based on Mass Effect, something akin to what we would call Dark Matter, we can now travel across the galaxy instantly, as well as giving ourselves some incredible new powers.

Humankind has colonised far away planets, made alliances with alien races, and discovered that another alien race has returned set on purging all organic life from the galaxy, something they seem to do every 50,000 years or so.

The lead character is Commander Shepard of the SS Normandy, and he takes his team on a terrifying mission to try and defeat the race before it's too late.

Sounds interesting, but it also sounds epic. Are we going to find out that this isn't going to make it through that final production hurdle as Halo and Gears of War did, or will it be changed enough to fit on the big screen?



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