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Megan Fox moves on. So what?

MeganFox.jpgSo what? Megan Fox is no longer in Transformers 3? Some sites saying she was kicked out because of the Michael Bay comments some time back, some saying it's because the logical move in the story is to give the male lead a new girlfriend which I'll dispute in just a moment, and others saying that she quit.

So what? She's left a franchise and moved onto other films? I say good on her at keeping her career fresh. She could be doing all the mid-range studio films she could and appearing in stuff such as Indiana Jones and the Monkeys, Gophers and Fridge of Doom and an easy going popcorn franchise for the money.

She's not. Give her some credit for doing something different like Jennifer's Body and having a few potentially interesting projects being rumoured. At least she's trying to do something a little different isn't she?

Whatever the reason this break may be good for Megan Fox's career and she might start thinking of films that are going to challenge her and give her more of a stretch than playing the sexy, scantily clad sidekick to the lead in an action heavy, close-cropped, shaky-cam, can't see what's going on, action franchise.

The official commentary that came through Deadline Hollywood Daily is that Michael Bay made the call to drop her, while some hours later she's announced she decided not to come back.

Well you know, since she was the first to start the negative comments about the film and the director I might think she would be the one to say no first, but if it was the studio it seems equally as nasty as her original comments to be claiming it was down to the director to kick her out and keep this press nastiness going back and forth.

So, since we're not about rumour filled gossip here, throw that to the side. I think it's a positive move for her to get off the easy train and try some new things. Maybe she'll fail, maybe she'll pull it off, but she's giving it a go.

Meanwhile stories are swarming over the internet about who is being considered for her replacement. From a list of reader's suggestions, it seems the internet is now swarming with “here's my guess” I mean “here's my insider scoop from an anonymous emailed source”. It'll be someone gorgeous, someone who looks perfect half-naked, someone who has hot steamy looks, and perhaps someone non-American. However, chances are she won't be that well known.

As far as the story going that it's the logical direction for the character, well maybe, but I think the logical direction for the franchise is to stop with this Bourne camera rubbish and try and show us what's happening in the action instead of hiding it all with fast cuts, close up shots, and no real sense of what's going on in the middle of the action. Worrying about who the male character is snogging is really not what should be happening on the franchise.

Good luck Megan Fox, let's see you do some more challenging roles.



hahaha - "Indiana Jones and the Monkeys, Gophers and Fridge of Doom", so true :)


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