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Natali talks Neuromancer

Neuromancer.jpgThe other day we heard the rumour that Vincenzo Natali, the writer/director of Splice (Filmstalker review), was set to tackle the much anticipated adaptation of William Gibson's hugely influential novel Neuromancer (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

Now he's had the chance to come out and talk about his plans, and they are sounding rather positive, if very early as it seems he hasn't even signed up for the task as yet.

Talking about the film on a tour to promote Splice (Filmstalker review) he revealed that the rumours were slightly premature in that he hadn't actually signed to adapt and direct the film, but from what he's saying it's a pretty much done deal anyway.

"This is the technological monster that is the internet. That news was announced prematurely. I haven't even signed my agreements yet. I've spoken with William Gibson, and I think I have his blessing...

... As soon I finish my Splice tour, I'm going to start writing."

So although he's point out that this is an early Internet rumour it does look pretty certain that he's going to tackle the adaptation after all he's saying that it's his next project after he gets back from the promotion run of Splice.

In the interview over at io9 through Quiet Earth he goes on to discuss what he plans for the adaptation, something that fans of the novel will be keen to understand as it is a modern classic and referenced in so many other works of literature, television and film.

"To me it's just a pure work of science fiction, probably the most influential science fiction novel in the last 25, or so, years. So to even be considered to adapt it, to be allowed to adapt it, is just an incredible honor. I can't tell you how excited I am...

...The Matrix, in some respects is like a Philip K. Dick book, it's really about what is real [a]nd Neuromancer flirts with that, but I think it's more about our evolution. It's also tonally much more realistic. The Matrix which I really liked, is a movie that's very much based in comic-book reality, and kind of relishes in it. Whereas my approach to Neuromancer would be to treat it quite realistically."

Now that sounds very impressive, I'd say that fans of the novel are going to be happy to hear that kind of statement about Gibson's work, as Gibson himself probably is, although if I were him I'd be keen to make sure that the second half of Splice (Filmstalker review) doesn't apply to any adaptation of my works!

Still, considering the first half of Splice and the whole of Cube and Cypher I'd say that Vincenzo Natali is an interesting choice for the film, as the reality and of science and science fiction is something he could translate rather well. I do get concerned though when I think of a Hollywood treatment of the novel and I wonder if the studio executives and producers behind this are really thinking about Neuromancer or a Matrix clone.



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