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New Inception trailer showcases effects

Inception.jpgA new trailer for Christopher Nolan's Inception has been taking everyone's attention, and quite rightly so, for it is the best one yet and packs a series of powerful punches.

What's more is that this trailer really does show off the effects and the amazing scenes that we were being teased with during some of the previous teasers. In the world of dreams, anything can happen, and looking at some of these shots it looks like the film is going to deliver some amazing surprises.

This trailer does focus a little more on the lead character as we hear something more about Leonardo DiCaprio's character and what he's all about during the film.

Meanwhile, where the Inception trailer really packs a punch is in the effect sequences, and some of them look mind-blowingly staggering. Take a look below.

It's fair to say is that there's not a single thing I've seen or heard about this film that isn't hugely exciting.



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