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New International trailer for Inception online

Inception.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Inception, captured from a Japanese show where Ken Watanabe was appearing to talk about the film. It carries most of the footage from other trailers and looks very similar, although up front there are some new shots we haven't seen, especially some more of Watanabe himself.

The film is looking better and better, and I can't believe how well that soundtrack still works after having heard it with various incarnations of the trailer.

Christopher Nolan could be onto another winner, and I think it's great that he's split up his time on Batman with something like this, something incredibly different and ready to stamp his mark on Hollywood again and say “look what I'm all about” again rather than leaping into the last Batman and being labelled with that franchise.

Of course he will be labelled with it, but I think people are far more likely to say, after the third Batman film is completed, “that's the guy who made Inception” before they mention Batman. Certainly on the strength of the trailers that's true.

Speaking of trailers, Latino Review have the new one for Inception, and while there's not a great deal more to it, there's some new footage, so anyone who has been following the film might be wise to have a look at it.

Apologies, I can't embed it from their site, well I could, but it would be ripping the code form their page and not embedding it from a provided link, something that's a little nasty I'd say.

What are you thinking of Inception? Could this be a pinnacle of his career to date?



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