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New Robin Hood trailer online

RobinHood.jpgThere's a new Robin Hood trailer online, just in time for this week's release, and it's got fast cuts, action, and rock music. Yes, this is not the Robin Hood we've known before, this is Ridley Scott's Robin Hood.

It's a short trailer, but puts in there everything you need to know. Although it's being touted as an origin story for Robin Hood, there's going to be plenty of the shenanigans in Sherwood Forest I would suggest.

Mind you, there looks like there might be just as much going on in the Crusades and elsewhere.

Word is that this is the final trailer for the film, I think I'd lost count by now considering all the teasers and footage we've seen. Still, it's given you a good idea what to expect.

Here's the new trailer for the new Robin Hood:

It still feels rather odd updating it like this, but then I am old school Robin Hood, and I still love the Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn led Richard Lester version Robin and Marian, but then I loved his Three Musketeers films, and they both carried the same feeling of wry fun and adventure.

This looks like there'll be none of that, but is that a good thing for Robin Hood?



This is going to be a great movie to watch on the big screen can`t wait for it to come in Romania


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