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New Scott Pilgrim vs. the World trailer is jaw-dropping

ScottPilgrim.jpgLet's face it, although we had a feeling that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was going to be something special, there wasn't much to bag that up. The trailer we'd already seen hinted at some strangeness, but not too much.

Now the new trailer has arrived and it's superb. Perhaps even jaw-dropping, I've certainly watched it and just been blown away by it. This is definitely high on my list of films to watch this year, I'm sure after watching it it'll leap up yours.

Seriously, the new trailer shows you just how much of a genre mash-up it is, and how much comic book influence has been pulled into the film.

Michael Bacall and Edgar Wright wrote the screenplay from the Bryan Lee O'Malley comic book series for Wright to direct, and from the looks of this trailer it would seem he's brought the comic book to life in a spectacular fashion.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World sees a boy falling for a girl and having to defeat her string of evil ex's before he can go out with her, but that doesn't do it justice, nothing does, until you see this trailer.



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