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Paradis joins Vallées Café de flore

Depp-Paradis.jpgVanessa Paradis is set to join Jean-Marc Vallée's film Café de flore which tells an interesting story, or at least the blurb has caught my attention.

Vallée has previously directed The Young Victoria and before that wrote and directed C.R.A.Z.Y., which he received a lot of praise for.

The story for Café de flore isn't wholly explained, but it will tell two stories with one set in the 1960's following a mother with a down syndrome baby, and the other set in present day focusing on a couple.

The Hollywood Reporter tells is that Vanessa Paradis is set to play the mother of the down syndrome child and has Jean-Marc Vallée himself commenting on the film which is:

”...an epic love story that deals with supernatural resources.”

Interesting indeed. He says that he's been writing it since 2007 and sees it as a continuation of the film C.R.A.Z.Y..

There's not much more on the story, but it does sound like it could be interesting, especially from the writer/director Vallée and Vanessa Paradis, who doesn't leap on every project.



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