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Race for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea gains big names

20000LeaguesUndertheSea_Poster.jpgLast time we heard it was just Disney who were remaking all their old films to bring back a new audience, and they had turned to their first live action film, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Back then it was McG who was set to take up the director's chair, but then that project fell through. Now there's a new name on the block for the film, and more importantly there's a new film with a new studio.

The new director being touted for the Disney adaptation is David Fincher, a name that definitely adds a twist to the film, but behind that there's news that 20th Century Fox has begun its own version with the famous Ridley and Tony Scott brothers producing, and what's more they seem to have a strong director looking at the project too.

Stylistically these films couldn't be different, that is if the directors do get through their negotiation phases and sign up.

The Disney news is from The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision and says that David Fincher is in talks for the film with Scott Z. Burns writing the latest version of the script. To me that screams action, and slightly darker and more real world action to boot, but filmed incredibly well.

Interestingly the article suggests that Fincher approached Disney and wanted to do something very different from the darker tales he's used to, perhaps thinking of making something for his kids.

With Burns writing, he previously wrote The Informant! and The Bourne Ultimatum, and is hard at work on the Contagion script with Steven Soderbergh, this could be a really strong thriller with well built characters and tons of action, then with Fincher trying to do something different, we really could end up with a cracking 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake. After all, the original is prime for one, despite the Captain Nemo adventure starring the big names of James Mason and Kirk Douglas, it is a little dated to say the least.

However The Hollywood Reporter follow that story up with the one that Fox has Ridley and Tony Scott looking at their own version with eyes on Timur Bekmambetov to direct, a team that would bring us a completely different look to the Fincher and Burns version for sure.

Talking of stylised action, this would be just that, and perhaps with a little less concentration on the characters and the script.

Bekmambetov is still in talks, although the article does say that they've just been talking to him rather than they are in negotiations. That could even mean that they're talking to him as a producer and looking to other directing talent.

Travis Beacham wrote this script, and he has Clash of the Titans under his belt already with the sequel and The Black Hole remake (another Disney film) in progress, which I guess writing wise wasn't that bad, it was really the transfer to the big screen that let it down. The article suggests that this version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is set in the future, so different takes on the entire idea perhaps?



clash of the titans was terrible
i was shocked at how bad it was...
so unoriginal
and i can't remember one line or character that stood out...
i mean
percy and the lightening thief etc etc
was tremendous in comparison

Interesting choices all around! Sounds like with Fincher, the Scott brothers and Beacham, they're looking to make 20,000 Leagues an action-packed epic. I wonder which version will give us a fresh take on the tale (comparing it to Scott's latest "Robin Hood" and the still-in-development-hell "Nottingham") and if one might get made before the other. Or maybe a possible team up?

I wonder if, considering what happened to Nottingham becoming Robin Hood, we'll see something sanitised, safe, and full of action. I don't hold Scott in high regards these days to be honest.


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