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Rambo V without Stallone?

Rambo.jpgIt certainly looks like it, and from Sylvester Stallone's own mouth no less. For we heard that Stallone had nixed the idea of another Rambo, even though the stories had been coming out that there was going to be another.

Well at Cannes this week a number of people have been seeing the Rambo V posters around the festival and the hype has been kicked off. So Stallone has spoked out and said no way.

When I first started reading the story I didn't realise about the posters, so I was just thinking this is a repeat of the earlier story of Sylvester Stallone saying that he's not interested in doing another John Rambo film. However when the question of the Rambo V posters was brought up, I was suddenly curious.

The story from AICN has Stallone talking to Harry Knowles and revealing, in no uncertain terms, that there's no way he's doing another Rambo - mind you, didn't we hear that kind of talk before there was another Rambo and Rocky?

Apparently he said that at the end of Rambo, when he sees his home and he walks down that road, it's a final walk, it's a road that he'll never walk again.

As an aside the good news is there's a new version of the final Rambo coming to Blu-ray with additional footage in the film including a final monologue that might just put the character to rest forever.

Then he was pitched the question about the Rambo V posters at Cannes, to which Stallone said he had no idea.

I, like Harry, would immediately think that the people behind it are touting for money to be able to make it, and probably for enough investors to entice the man back to the film.

"Maybe, but it ain't happening."

Well, that's pretty definite. Then comes the biggie. He revealed that he's actually talked with the people behind the posters and they've essentially said that if he doesn't do it then they'll get someone else.

Queue Sam Worthington. No, I'm just kidding, but that would be the idea. Get another star into the fold, probably as Rambo's son who is off to try and rescue his father from some mission and he's been trained in the ways of his father when he finally returned home.

Wow, there's your script right there, and he never does find Rambo which leaves him mentally scarred for the rest of his life giving him that Rambo edge, viola, new franchise.

I can't believe that they are going to do a Rambo without Stallone, but then at the same time, we've heard Stallone talking about the next Rambo, playing with the plot, radically changing it from genetically engineered human to aliens, back to drug runners and kidnapping. He's been pitching those changes to the direct to the media all this time, so why the decision to go no further?

So is this just another stunt? Is he going to deny it until we suddenly find out that he's actually doing it?



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