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[REC] 2 theatrical trailer reveals too much

Rec2.jpgThe new [REC] 2 (Filmstalker review) trailer that's been doing the rounds on the Interflab and so I was keen to watch it. Having watched the film, really enjoyed it and the unique way it turned the story around, although there were a couple of stock moments that just made my face grimace, I was keen to watch the trailer. However now I'm glad I saw the film first.

I feel really sorry for all those people leaping into the trailer with excitement and then looking forward to the film without realising that three of the big moments of the film are shown and given away.

I won't go into the moments just now, I'll talk about the trailer and the film in a general sense, give you the trailer, and then afterwards, I'll talk about the bits I find particularly galling.

[REC] 2 (Filmstalker review) follows on literally moments after [REC]. We follow a team of the elite police force travelling to the location and then appearing on site, getting a quick briefing and then being led into the building where the events of the first took place. They too are sealed in the building.

From the beginning we aren't sure why they are there, we are given as much information as the police force themselves, and that's next to nothing, except with them is a disease control expert who begins to reveal something more to the story as soon as he's in the door, and later on in the story he holds the key to what's really happening, and that's where things really begin to change.

It's a shame that the trailer gives away so much. What I really found exciting about the sequel is that I went into it cold, expecting to see a film that was just the same as the first but with a group of policemen with helmet cams. However it has some big surprises that twist the story around in front of your eyes, something that if you discover for yourself is a great moment in any film.

Right, let me just hand over to the trailer so you can see what the film is all about. However, if you don't want to have any spoilers I'd suggest you steer very clear and just go and see the film. Better still read my review and then you'll know what to expect without spoilers.

Okay, so there's the trailer. Now if you're happy with that walk away now. I, however, am going to point out what it's spoiled.

First up we see enough footage of the real reason that this is all happening and some serious hints at who the disease expert really is. Okay who he is isn't totally given away, but when you get to the film it'll be much less of a surprise that I found it was, and it'll have a lot less impact when the twist to the plot appears. For they've already told you the twist in the plot from this footage, and that was a huge moment of the film for me. Discovering that for myself was a big surprise and made this sequel superb to watch.

Another moment is when we see someone in the film that we don't expect to see, and it's not a flash of footage, it's quite a few scenes and a huge reveal. It's a mammoth spoiler, and especially when the character is revealed at the beginning of trailer so that you know exactly who they are talking about. Surprise in the film? Not now.

Final reveal? Full body shot of the original creature from the first film for way too long in this trailer.

I can't believe that anyone who has an ounce of knowledge about this film, or about being a fan of cinema, even an audience member, put this together. It's obvious that they've just raced through the film and chosen the biggest surprises and shocks from the film to put in the trailer.

If I had seen this before I watched the film and then reviewed it, the effect it had on me would have been lessened and I think a star dropped from the review. It's shockingly bad, and hits the film negatively.



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