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[REC] series prequel and sequel

Rec2.jpgWe had heard that there were going to be more than just the one sequel to [REC], and [REC]2 (Filmstalker review) was just the beginning. Well that's now been confirmed by the film-makers who are going to make two films to top and tail the two already in existance, a prequel and a sequel.

So far we've seen an apartment complex quarantined from the outside world as the people inside succumb to some strange type of zombification, passed through the body fluids from person to person and turning them into raging creatures intent on killing. Then, when we ventured into the building moments after the first film, we discovered there was a lot more to the story and to the virus. Something much more sinister.

With the prequel and the sequel it looks like we'll see the franchise started and ended.

It seems that, according to the story in Twitch, the two film-makers behind the two films to date are going to tackle one apiece with Paco Plaza filming [REC] Genesis and Jaume Balagueró making [REC] Apocalypse.

You can tell where this is going, the first film will tell the origins of that first creature and how it came to pass, something I won't delve into too much considering you may not have seen the excellent sequel yet. The second film will close off the franchise, going the only way the franchise could go now, again I shan't talk about that, and I've not revealed any spoilers in the [REC]2 (Filmstalker review) either.

Suffice to say that the second film deals with the story aspect excellently and does what any sequel does, expands and surprises without just delivering more of the same, although that's clearly delivered too.

I like the idea that the two writer/directors are going to split and take each end of the franchise, it's a fitting way to close it off, and frankly I couldn't see where else they could go with the story.

However what will be interesting is if they try to keep that first person aspect throughout, and how it will work in both films. You could see where the prequel could remain confined, as it's about the first of the infected, but the second film? Will they have to change the style for either of the films? After all they can't keep it about the chase in both scenarios can they?



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