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Reeves Passengers reveals more

KeanuReeves.jpgPassengers, starring Keanu Reeves, has revealed a few more details over at Cannes, as well as some more details of cast members.

I don't get that excited by Reeves appearances, although The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (Filmstalker review) really did show that he was an actor, something that so many roles seem to forget of him. Perhaps this isolating film will allow some of that acting to be showcased.

Passengers, as we've heard before, is the story of a space ship filled with people on long-term suspended animation heading out on a one hundred and twenty year journey to a planet in another galaxy. It's already colonized, just awaiting more people.

Keanu Reeves plays the first person to experience the failure of his suspended animation unit and he awakes during the flight. After a year of being on his own amongst the robotic crew he decides he can't take anymore and deliberately wakes up a female to be his companion.

It's here where I'm wondering where the story will go, after all she should be pretty mad at him for doing it, and yet there's nothing else they could do and would have to live their lives on the ship together.

The article over at The Hollywood Reporter tells us that they do fall in love despite this act, something that has my hackles beginning to rise for it would take a lot to fall in love after all that, but then throw in the fact that they have a hundred years ahead of them so they will never see the planet, and that there's a major ship malfunction happening, and you've got some more meat to the story. Oh, and the lucky thing is that Reeves character is a mechanic.

That's not all that comes out of the report though, and avoiding the stupid slightly spoiler moment from the founder of Morgan Creek, one I'll stay away from even though it isn't major, there's something more about casting.

He says that the film is essentially a love story but with sophisticated robots, and again my hackles are rising at the explanation, but then he brings into play two actors names that sound interesting.

Now bear in mind that they are yet to be cast, and he does use the phrase “a la”, but it suggests a different feel for the film from the two robot characters.

...a crusty older character a la Tommy Lee Jones and a comic humanoid servant a la Eddie Izzard...

So they aren't cast, but that's the vision they have for the characters, or at least the studio have for the characters, is giving the story a slightly different feel. There's no word on what the director Gabriele Muccino wants for the roles, but it's sounding more and more like a romantic adventure, with less focus on the adventure.

The blurb suggests something a lot more darker and soul searching than the comments coming from the studio, as does everything else we've heard of so far, including the upcoming scripts from the writer Jon Spaihts.

Have the studio got it wrong? Or is it really more of a romance with robots?



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