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Update: Romero remaking Argento's Deep Red

DarioArgento.jpgNow this is a big coup for fans of horror, and for people like me who think that George A. Romero has lost his magic for the genre since he keeps repeating similar zombie films again and again.

Romero is going to be directing a remake of Dario Argento's cult film Deep Red. Not only that but he's not writing the script, it's going to be Claudio Argento, brother of and producer for, the legendary horror director.

It seems strange for me to think of this combination, but actually it's not that odd. Both are great legends in the early horror genre, however of late their creations haven't been as strong as their original films.

I wonder if bringing both Dario Argento and George A. Romero together will produce something as strong as their original films?

Total Film have the story and reveal that Romero is in final talks for the English language adaptation of Deep Red (Profondo rosso), and what's more is that it will be in – yes you know what's coming – 3D! Enough already!

I think the only downside of this for the horror fans is that Dario Argento himself isn't actually going to be involved in the film, while his brother is writing the adaptation, I would have loved to have seem George and Dario, if I may use their first names for the moment, working together on this. Wouldn't that partnership have been something special?

They previously collaborated on Dawn of the Dead with Argento composing some additional music and provided some script consultancy, and Due occhi diabolici (Two Evil Eyes) where they co-directed. Another collaboration would have been great, especially on an English language remake of his own film, Deep Red.

Update: George A. Romero has said through Fangoria and ShockTillYouDrop that there is no deal for the film, and more so if Dario Argento doesn't say yes, he won't make the film. So wait, it seems that there's a hell of a lot that's been agreed down the line without a deal being set. I have to wonder how they could be saying that Claudio Argento is on board to write it and Romero is directing without a deal in place?



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