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Romero reveals two more zombie films

GeorgeARomero.jpgIt seems that George A. Romero has two more zombie films left in him, if we're up for it that is. To spurge us forwards to the cinema he's revealed that there are two more stories in his head and he'll make them if his latest, Survival of the Dead, did well enough.

To me that sounds like the atypical comment we here from writers, directors, producers, executives and actors when they are working on the first of a franchise - you know if you go out and buy a ticket for this we'll make more.

It also secures a profit that can be taken on to the next film, or at the very least prove to the studio that there are more profits in the rest of the series if they make them.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing, it's just so transparent when you're doing press and marketing for one film and you say "oh there'll be more if you buy these tickets", obviously you'll buy more tickets, later on they can worry about if they make another film or not.

That aside, the story from ShockTillYouDrop tells us that George A. Romero revealed that there are two more films and that he would shoot them back to back, if the schedule permits, which is a statement that sounds like a little at odds with itself.

However I'm really not interested in any more and I haven't been interested in the last few. Despite the situation changing in the films it just feels the same as the last one, the characters, the interactions, and it all comes down to how you kill the zombies in the set pieces.

The article also says that the story line would continue to work on the ideas he's applied in the Survival of the Dead film, probably (and hopefully) bringing it to a final conclusion.

Seriously though, is anyone up for another two zombie based Romero films? Can't you just watch the old ones again and again and have the same feeling?



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