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Scorsese talks George Harrison biographical film

GeorgeHarrison.jpgI do find it strange that Martin Scorsese would be interested in tackling a project about George Harrison, after all out of all the Beatles he's not the obvious choice for a film about his life, is he?

Speaking about the film Harrison reveals a little of why he's making the film entitled Living In The Material World: George Harrison.

He's been working on the film for the last three years and it's set to look at the life of the guitarist from before the Beatles right through to after the band broke up, so it's not merely going to be Beatles version of Harrison but about the man himself.

Olivia Harrison, George's widow, had been approached since his death to make a documentary about his life, however she had always refused because he had wanted to make one himself and that memory stopped her from going forward with it.

However, according to the The Hollywood Reporter article, she kept plenty of archive material over the years, and looking through it all again was a painful experience, although amusing at times:

”I've been archiving for five years -- 35 years, really. Throwing cassettes and letters in drawers, little things and pieces of paper that you find that say, 'Goats on my roof.' You think, What does that mean?...

...So that's been wonderful, but emotional, too...But I feel really safe, I feel protected. Marty had a connection with George, and they spent time together. And he's passionate about film and music as George was passionate about music and film.”

It's amazing how much Martin Scorsese works though, while shooting Shutter Island he would work weekends looking at footage and carrying out research, and they are now close to having a final cut of the second of three parts of the film.

Living In The Material World: George Harrison will feature never before seen footage and personal recordings of George Harrison, something that will be a must for all fans to see and hear, and with everything he did retained, there's a ton of material to work with.

Speaking about telling the story with all this material Scorsese said:

”Ultimately, we're trying to have the development of his own music tell the story, if we can...And the images that he shot, that [Olivia] shot, a lot of this is telling the story. There are some famous bits and some very interesting new material.”

It does sound a superb film and a superb way of telling the story, and perhaps this will be the best Beatles member documentary...so far.



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