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Scott and Rourke to tell Hells Angels story

MickeyRourke-Harley.jpgTony Scott is signing up Mickey Rourke to two films, one being Hell's Angels, the story of Sonny Barger, the man who formed an Oakland chapter of the biker gang and helped transform the group into a national organisation.

Back in May of 2006 we heard that Stephen Gaghan was working on a script from Sonny Barger's book about his life, Hell's Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), and that Tony Scott was going to be involved in the film and the word back then was he was interested in directing the film. Finally, the production has moved on.

Well that has come to fruition and pairing Tony Scott with Mickey Rourke in the lead would seem like a perfect casting, but is it a perfect match of director to story? Well perhaps so if you think of his character in Domino. The film will be stylised, look cool, sound great and pack a real punch. Isn't that how the Hell's Angels would want to be portrayed?

The question is whether the book shows them as they would want to be, and whether Stephen Gaghan's adaptation does the same, although now it's Scott Frank who is the latest scriptwriter to have a go at the story which might see a young cop being sent undercover to infiltrate the gang which Rourke's lead is running. Sounds a lot like the excellent Sons of Anarchy if you ask me.

Scott Frank wrote scripts such as Malice, Get Shorty, Out of Sight, Minority Report, and The Interpreter, so there's some strong experience with good thriller material there.

Deadline Hollywood Daily concentrates on the casting of Mickey Rourke and how well his career is doing again, and rightly so, he's propelled back to top form and is really managing to get some stunning roles, and this film looks to be no exception.

I'm curious how the story of this man will turn out though, and if they will end up being “inspired” by his book and his life to produce something far more stylised and dramatic. Thinking about Scott being in the driving seat I can see that being very true, can't you?

Ralph Hubert 'Sonny' Barger is still an active member of the Hell's Angels, so his four books about the gang and his life in it can't have been too much of an expose, but he has been convicted of conspiring to blow up a rival bike club's clubhouse and spent four years in federal prison.

He even has his own site and talks about his life and his books there. He even has a section about the film and reveals that Tony Scott had actually signed to direct the film before the book was completed, but there is little else about the film, especially no comment about the Mickey Rourke casting. For how he feels on that we'll have to wait and see.



Mickey Rourke playing the God of the hells angels would be a perfect part for Mickey. Mickey Rourke’s real fighter training would be perfect the scenes with Mickey slapping around Sonny barger and the rest of the hells angels that talked out of place at meetings or Mickey beating on hells angels that broke the gangs rules.

Mickey Rourke has Muscles like Mike Yevtuck but Mickey is alot taller. Mike Yevtuck is a little taller then Sonny barger.

Sonny barger was always a short frail man I don’t think they make actors that wimpy looking to play barger

The God of the Hells angels would be a perfect part Mickey playing a street fighter that kicks angel butt would be much more exciting then watching Barger and his wimps gang up on one or 2 men.


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