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Seeing Red gains Joan Chen as writer/director

JoanChen.jpgWhile I'm moving away from the constant stream of casting news, I do like writing about the casting notices that highlight interesting films, and interesting casting – I think I've overused the word interesting today, it's in every post!

So my eyes were drawn to Joan Chen being chosen as director and star for a segment in Seeing Red, a three segment film that will tell different stories of female revenge based in New York's Chinatown and be in English and Chinese.

Joan Chen is set to direct and star in one of the Seeing Red stories playing a devoted housewife who discovers that her husband is leading a double life, probably having an affair no doubt.

The stories are set in Chinatown in New York and I'm surprised that the film will be in both English and Chinese, according to the Screen Daily story. Actually I'm not surprised, I'm rather happy that it is, after all it shows that it's not going to be pampering to an English only audience and give us a good crossover of talent as the cast will be made up from American and Chinese actors and actresses.

Liselle Mei is writing and directing another segment of the film which she co-wrote with Derek Nguyen, with the third director as yet unnamed, or not chosen.

There's not much more on the story as yet, but already it's looking....ermm...fascinating! There we go, I didn't say interesting again. Oh no!



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