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Skins the film?

Skins.jpgIt's hard to understand what an American version of the Skins television show would bring, much less a feature film version, and yet both are happening. While the television series is being uprooted to Baltimore, Maryland (the setting for The Wire), the feature film looks set to stay very British and even incorporate talent we've already seen on the series.

However the question is what will offer the big screen? What can a feature film of the series do that other feature films haven't?

There's one thing I can think of up front, and that's the portrayal of British teenagers going through British school, their last two years of it to be exact, and how they are affected by society around them, their friends, and life in general.

It's a very grown up series and one which doesn't present the usual view of teenagers at school written by middle aged writers and sanitised for maximum audience numbers and revenue.

No, if it stays true to the series then it's going to be something much different to that, and the story from Deadline Hollywood Daily suggests that it isn't going to be compromising at all.

They tell us that Film4, Company Pictures (the producer of the television series), Stormdog Films and CinemaNX, are all set to work together on the film production of Skins, and that returning to the film will be stars of both versions of the television series.

The series is unusual in many ways not least that since the story focuses on the last two years of school, the entire cast changed after the second year. Add to that the fact that the average age of the writers on the series is twenty-one and you can see why this show might be radically different from the usual teen, high school series we're treated to by American television.

Will this film have the guts to retain the strength and passion of the television series? I certainly think it will, and Channel 4 is convinced too as another two year series has been commissioned.

With talent returning from the series we're likely to see Nicholas Hoult, Dev Patel and Kaya Scodelario returning, all of whom became known through the series.



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