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Smith signs for Men in Black III and Bad Boys 3?

WillSmith.jpgWill Smith is a hell of an actor, I've said it since I saw him in Six Degrees of Separation, and it's something that he's brought to the fore of his later career for some time. I like that, he's a good dramatic actor, and not only is he incredibly charismatic and engaging on screen, he's also extremely empathetic.

So you'd think he'd want to keep bringing out excellent dramatic roles like he did in I Am Legend (Filmstalker review) and Seven Pounds (Filmstalker review), so it's slightly confusing to hear that he's accepted a role in Men in Black III and there's a strong chance he'll sign up for Bad Boys 3. You'll notice I haven't even brought up the rumour of Independence Day 2 and 3.

It's been revealed that he's actually signed up for Men in Black III, and the news is confirmed that it will be in 3D. Yippee.

The story from Variety reveals that it's set for May 2012, and will see Barry Sonnenfeld directing the Etan Cohen script. The article also says that Tommy Lee Jones is in negotiations to return to his leading role too.

It's all set-up then, almost, although I'm ever so hopeful that there's not a chance of the dog returning and that they'll concentrate on the story from the original film. Mind you, with the film being 3D and this being a big blockbuster, I imagine we'll be looking at aliens throwing goo at the screen.

Meanwhile we're hearing through Coming Soon that someone with some pull has actually talked about another Bad Boys film. Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer, revealed that there was a lot more substance to the rumours of Bad Boys 3 than we thought.

"It's a wish and a hope and a dream. We've been working on a screenplay, which is excellent. It's an idea Will gave us, so hopefully, it will come to fruition, we would love it to."

Now that's something a lot more concrete than we've heard, in fact it's the only concrete thing we've heard.

Bruckheimer and Smith certainly have a lot lined up though, particularly with blockbuster sequels, and I wouldn't expect something too soon from the film, but it is clear that Will Smith will be involved, after all he gave them the idea for the screenplay.



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