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Soapdish being remade

Soapdish.jpgIt's not rare that a remake story comes out of Hollywood, but what is rare is when a story comes out of Hollywood about a remake that might be worthwhile, and Soapdish is such a film.

Soapdish was a 1991 comedy from director Michael Hoffman, think Restoration, One Fine Day, A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Last Station, and the writer Robert Hoffman who wrote Steel Magnolias, it also carries a cast list of Kevin Kline, Sally Field, Robert Downey, Jr., Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Shue and Teri Hatcher.

To add to that it's a pretty good comedy that does do a great job of poking some fun at all those soaps of the day.

The film focused on the ensemble cast of a soap that followed the behind the scenes wrangling and politics as different people tried to become the the biggest part of the series both in front of the camera and behind. A new actress on the soap uses her good looks and body to seduce one of the producers and together they try and usurp the long time queen of the soap from her lofty position so that new blood can take her spot. Of course, every plan the try fails, and the actress turns to murder.

Now the rumour is that Paramount want to remake Soapdish and that they want to take the focus away from Soaps and into the world of the adapted for television genre, you know those terribly trashy novels that end up on screen.

While I like that idea, because those daytime made for television films are definitely worth ripping apart for the comedy, there are so many soaps these days a comedy focusing on them could have an absolute field day couldn't it?

Perhaps that's also the point though, perhaps there's just too much about soaps, and some of them have become institutions, almost beyond reproach. Maybe the feeling is there would be too much backlash?

Pajiba have the rumour of the remake, and the good news is that one of the original producers is on board for this new version along with another producer going by the name of Rob Reiner, yes that one. No writers yet, they are out looking for one (I thought they were ten a penny!), but it's a start.

How do you feel? Is Soapdish a film that you would welcome being remade with a big ensemble cast?



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